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#TodayImWearing Jackie O? No…

Now, I’m going to be honest here, I have spent all day at work wearing a beautiful H&M little black dress with a powder blue belt at the waist feeling like the twin of Jackie Onassis.

Black H&M dress £29.99, powder blue belt, £1.99 PDSA, Inverness

Black H&M dress £29.99, powder blue belt, £1.99 PDSA, Inverness


Sadly it would appear that I was mistaken. I stuck “Jackie Onassis” into Google certain that a picture of her in a belted pencil dress would pop straight up. Nothing. I scrolled 5 pages. Still nothing. So I stuck “belted dress” on the end, still nothing!

Now I’m suffering a stolen identity crisis. It’s a strange strange feeling when you’ve been striding around all day believing you had pinched somebody’s style, only to discover in fact that you haven’t. I’m on the verge of hunkering down in the corner of my wardrobe sobbing, only I don’t really have time for a melt down because I have to be at the gym by 8pm.

My recent whirlwind love affair with nipping in my waist has led to a preoccupation with belts, culminating in this powder blue belt. The pinnacle of belt evolution. I’m not even sure it’s leather. I don’t care. I love it.

Yesterday I felt that I made a faux pas by wearing brightly coloured shoes and black tights. My hosiery choice detracted from the rest of my outfit making me feel frumpy. Today I decided to use black tights to my advantage, working a sleek black all over look in order to provide the blankest of blank canvases for what you’ll all agree is a breathtaking belt. Am I overemphasising the beauty of the belt? I possibly am…


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