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Beware of Mr Baker

A quick Google search on the term “Mr Baker” has enlightened me to the existence of a drummer called ‘Ginger’ Baker, most famous for performing with the bands Cream and Blind Faith. I presumed, correctly as it turns out, that this was a nickname rather than a moniker assigned by tortuous parents intent on ensuring their child was heavily bullied all through school. Further Google image investigation leads me to conclude that this alias came about due to his ginger hair rather than a strong affection for ginger biscuits baked by his own fair hand.

I feel I may have digressed slightly, as the ‘Mr Baker’ I wish to discuss is Mr Ted Baker… a high end clothing line with an oddly constructed sizing range.

I seem to find a lot of Ted Baker items in charity shops, and I am yet to decide if this is a good or bad thing:

Ted Baker cropped jeans,  size 3, £6.99, Oxfam

Ted Baker cropped jeans, size 3, £6.99, Oxfam, Charity Shop Corner, Aberdeen

I find the Ted Baker method of sizing garments (or as I prefer to call it “I haven’t got a bloody clue just go try it on” guide) somewhat perplexing. These look to have been around a size 12-14, although truly it is anyone’s guess! I cannot find an equivalent on the Ted Baker webiste currently, but considering that a pair of shorts costs £89, I would suspect that £6.99 is a bit of a bargain.

Ted Baker .... top, thing, size 1, £12.99, Oxfam, Charity Shop Corner, Aberdeen

Ted Baker …. top, thing, size 1, £12.99, Oxfam, Charity Shop Corner, Aberdeen

For those of you unsure as to the location of Charity Shop Corner, see this post. For those of you unwilling to click the link of what is sure to be another astoundingly witty post (I cannot guarantee this, see the back of the packet for full details, your statutory rights have not been affected), Charity Shop Corner is a delightful selection of 4 shops closely situated and very well stocked. If you’re now intrigued, just click on the damn link.

Now, back to this pink – top – thing. Anyone care to hazard a guess at it’s potential use? No, I can’t work it out either. The furthest have gotten is some sort of zipped gym top. It is the sort of garment that I can imagine Kim Kardashian wearing… take from that what you will. Still, should you wish to look as if you’re part of the KKK (Kim Kardashian Klan) then this is a good place to start. The outlay is small, and as it’s Ted Baker, it’ll be big on quality. Style, on the other hand, I couldn’t possibly comment.

Ted Baker layered mini, size 3, £7.99, Oxfam, Charity Shop Corner, Aberdeen

Ted Baker layered mini, size 3, £7.99, Oxfam, Charity Shop Corner, Aberdeen

Occasionally I do this thing where I disregard an item at the time due to the amount of items I’d previously purchased that day, or the fact that I’m not sure it’s my size and I was too tired/hot/cold to try it on at the time, or any other excuse I came up with that presently seems  ridiculous because now I am revisiting this skirt, I want it. I want it so badly it hurts. I can almost certainly guarantee that it will no longer be there, either a victim of stock rotation, or fallen prey to another savvy charity shop patron. I only have myself to blame.


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