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#TodayImWearing Geometric Prints

After yesterday’s fiasco where I was squeezed into a skirt that was tighter than an over stuffed sausage, I felt that today I needed to go for something quite a bit roomier, if only to save my rapidly evaporating sanity.

This is where my theoretical in-laws come in (theoretical because I am in no way engaged, despite the wonderful things that ES says about us spending the rest of our lives together. I mean, I know that we will, because if he says he doesn’t want to, no one will ever find him). They bought me a gorgeous A-line skirt from Debenhams for Christmas.

Debenhams Ben De Lisi skirt, price unknown

Debenhams Ben De Lisi skirt, price unknown

Worn with Dune mary-janes, size 5, £10, charity shop

Worn with Dune mary-janes, size 5, £10, charity shop

I don’t usually tend to go for the A-line shape, and in truth, I forget how great it looks on me. I’m always obsessed with giving myself curves, as I’m not naturally in possession of them, so what better way to make my waist look smaller than by widening my distinctly non-childbearing hips. I can’t believe that I have ignored this glaringly obvious logic for so long!

I was also enamoured by the length of the skirt, sitting just below the knee. It felt prim and girly, but I needed to make sure that it didn’t cut off my legs and make me look short. There was only one option – ski scraper heels. I got my ruler out today and measured these bad boys… 6 inches! ES claims that these are his favourite pair of shoes in my collection, and they were only £10 from a charity shop.

This turned out not to be my best move as the snow was considerably worse at work than it was at my flat so I swapped yesterdays waddle for even smaller fairy steps while I attempted to avoid disgracing myself on the outside walk way in front of the office.

I have made it my mission to find a biscuit coloured item to wear with this skirt as typically I don’t enjoy a black, white and red combination, finding it too obvious and yet brash. I may have to steal Anna’s Massimo Dutti waterfall cardigan for a week which we found in the Aboyne Charity shop a few weeks ago:

Massimo Dutti cardigan, size M, £5, Aboyne charity shop

Massimo Dutti cardigan, size M, £5, Aboyne charity shop

The pale colour on the skirt looks like grey in those photos but it’s much closer to an oatmeal colour, meaning that this cardi would look amazing with it, hint hint wink wink Anna. I know you’re reading this because you’ve spent the last 4 weeks telling me to make my bed on my Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “#TodayImWearing Geometric Prints

  1. What a cute skirt – I wonder whether that shape would suit me… I’ll wear mini dresses and I’ll wear jeans, but I could do with a different style skirt to wear!

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