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#TodayImWearing Two Fat Ladies!

Did you read my post where I said that I like to elicit mild rage over my slightly absurb dress sense? No? You can see it here.

Whether the answer was yes or no, prepare to have your retinas burned.

Today is a Friday and that means only one thing – Casual Dress Day! This encourages two polar reactions in me, either I wear skinny jeans and a 3/4 sleeved basic T shirt, just like everyone else, or something so outrageous that it should be subject to some sort of censorship.

Bingo tights, £8 in the sale off

Bingo tights, £8 in the sale off

I found these through a fellow blogger with an equally quirky sense of style Labels for Lunch and you can visit her post on them here, should you also wish to buy a pair and offend the sensibility of your work colleagues.

Another picture, should you not have been able to beliefve your eyes the first time around

Another picture, if you didn’t believe your eyes the first time around

I really struggled with what to wear these, which I imagine is no surprise to many of you. I quite literally have been planning to wear these for 2 weeks but haven’t been able to muster the courage, or find the right clothes in my wardrobe. I’m still not convinced that I managed it.

I figured that something this outrageous is not going to be tempered by black. In fact, black would ruin it. You need to go with some sort of colour, hence the pillar box red Zara court shoes. I had intended to wear a red mini skirt, only the fact that I don’t own one sort of ruined my plan. Navy blue Primark shorts had to suffice.

I tried on assorted colourful tops this morning, making us both quite late for work, and in the end I settled on this grey Gap jumper from Barnardos for £4. A slight cop out I feel, but as I had to spend 9 hours at my place of work today I didn’t want to be outrageous from head to toe for fear of provoking… well… outrage.

So I leave you with a photo that is sure to leave a lasting imprint on your brain, or at the very least for 30 seconds your cone cells:

My legs on the dashboard

My legs on the dashboard – not in a kinky way


3 thoughts on “#TodayImWearing Two Fat Ladies!

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