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Who Loves Orange Soda? Meg Loves Orange Soda!

Remember that? Kenan and Kel? Anyone? I’m appealing to a fairly niche market here, you would have needed to have been a fairly avid watcher of Nickelodeon in the early Naughties to recognise it.

A fairly contentious issue has raised it’s head of late, though I was not aware of its controversial nature until the post “All Things Bright and Beautiful” in which I am featured wearing an orange dress.

According to a source “Oranges themselves would be better were they not orange.” Or words to that effect.

This has lead to myself, Morven and Lesley heading out on a quest for anything that is both fabulous and Orange. Pintrest has provided us with some interesting statistics. It turns out that Gwyneth Paltrow is 74% likely to be dressed in orange on a Tuesday. This is an interesting fact which can be considered neither interesting nor factual depending how deep you want to investigate.


Gwynie, a champion of Orange

Gwynie, a champion of Orange

Orange and red no less! Sadly I am neither blonde nor tanned so naturally I probably don’t pull it off with the same aplomb (read ‘probably’ as ‘definitely’; but no one looks as good as Gwyneth in any colour). For those of you who haven’t seen the offending article, the origin of the orange controversy, here you go. If you agree with the above statement regarding the offensiveness of the colour orange, look away now:

Orange dress, size 8, £8, Next, Oxfam Scotland

Orange dress, size 8, £8, Next, Oxfam Scotland

According to our source, “Orange was not even fashionable in the Seventies or Eighties, the decades that fashion forgot”. Now, I know what you’re all thinking, our ‘source’ has a lithe wit, they are clearly very droll, and I would agree. But I don’t agree with his (yes it’s a man) sentiments regarding the eternally sunny colour that is orange.

The pale orange colour above seems to have filtered into a number of high street collections ready for spring, and I really rather like it. If you fancy a brighter orange, in honour of Gwyneth, you could try something like the item below:

Orange dress, size 12, £5.99 Oxfam, Aberdeen

Orange dress, size 12, £5.99 Oxfam, Aberdeen

A final picture of another Goddess dressed in orange, the epitome of sharp and sexy femininity – Emma Stone (currently ES’s perfect life partner should I pop my clogs)

So beautiful it hurts, and Emma ain't bad either

So beautiful it hurts, and Emma ain’t bad either

She is wearing this skirt with a light mint GREEN. And I think the general consensus is perfection. Yes, I have sampled the ENTIRE internet and the internet agrees.

This leads me to my next point. I have been set a challenge. To wear orange and green together in one outfit and attempt to make it look half as chic as Emma Stone does now. I have a pair of patent orange stilettos which are just perfect for the job and I shall be on the hunt for a suitable accompaniment this weekend. Wish me luck!


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