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Like Joan Holloway, only better.

A few months ago I became embroiled in Mad Men, the style, the characters, their seemingly fabulous lifestyle (well, so long as you’re not a wife).

I wanted to walk everywhere with a Scotch in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I wanted to have my bottom slapped and be told to get on with my work in a condescending manner. I wanted to sashay around the office in a pencil dress speaking huskily to all the men à la Joan Holloway.

Well, most of the time, I do frequent the office in a tight pencil dress but I seem usually to be spouting profanities through gritted teeth about our database system rather than purring thinly veiled insults at my fellow colleagues. Also, unfortunately, I do not possess the curves of Christina Hendricks (the actress who plays the infamous Joan Holloway), but I have a friend who does:

You want curves? BAM! You got them…

Dorothy Perkins red dress, £4, Shelter Scotland, Inverness

Dorothy Perkins red dress, £4, Shelter Scotland, Inverness

Morven is a delicate 5″1, she loves the style of the 40s and 50s and she knows how to dress for her perfect pin up girl figure. As a student nurse, her funds are not endless, but I think you’ll all agree that she looks ah-ma-ZING! in this dress which was only £4 from the Shelter Scotland charity shop in Inverness. Morven has a flawless hourglass shape and it is shown off to full effect in this dress.

Similarly, Christina Hendricks is credited with having ‘the perfect female body’ and was voted the worlds sexiest woman by Esquire in 2010.Her curvaceous figure harks back to the era of Marilyn Monroe and Veronica Lake.

Joan Holloway - Mad Man

Joan Holloway – Mad Man

When you’ve only spent £4 on the dress, and yet still look like you stepped off the set of a glamorous American period drama you can afford to spend some pennies getting it just perfect.

As Morven is petite, she is considering taking the hem up on this dress to just below or on the knee. She can afford to pay a tailor to do the work for her and make a good job of it, rather than attempting a DIY job like me, and making a complete lash of it!

She has shown that you don’t have to spend the earth to look a million dollars.


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