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#TodayImWearing Reiss Floral dress

I spotted this dress in TK Maxx. I knew I shouldn’t have gone in, but oh no, I can’t heed my own warnings. I should probably be offended by how readily I am prepared to lie to myself; “I’ll only buy something if they have the perfect white dress” and other such fibs. Before I know it I’m advising ES to take a seat as I toddle off in the direction of the changing room with 6 dresses in an array of colours, not one of which is white.

TK Maxx has clearly taken delivery of a number of Reiss dresses in a wondrous selection of bright hues, perfect for Spring. I’m not sure if this is a sign that the sartorial Gods are looking down on me, bestowing gifts, or that it is in fact the fashion Devil tempting me to our usual stalemate – I have great clothes, but limited funds with which to take myself out and wear them.

I reckon the latter predicament is the reason that I enjoy getting dressed for work so much, I have to attend, there is no choice in the matter, it doesn’t cost me anything and I get to titivate myself… just a tad:

Reiss 3/4 length dress, size XS, £39.99 from £139.99, TK Maxx Aberdeen

Reiss 3/4 length dress, size XS, £39.99 from £139.99, TK Maxx Aberdeen

I was dubious that I would fit in an XS (it was the only size available) and advised ES that no matter how much he enjoys me in a tight dress, he must tell me if I look like a condom pulled over a 2 litre Coke bottle. I’ll admit, the puckered fabric over the tummy naturally disguises when you have… well… a tummy. I elected to wear this with my waist cincher, coincidentally also bought from TK Maxx and unanimously the best £10 I have ever spent. If you’re an apple shape, or a boyish shape like me, buy yourself one immediately. It will re-invigorate your whole wardrobe.

Shoes: Office metallic court shoes, £10, Sue Ryder Care, George Street, Aberdeen

Shoes: Office metallic court shoes, £10, Sue Ryder Care, George Street, Aberdeen

I spent some time deliberating over what shoes to wear with this dress. Dune nude slingbacks? Too safe. Kurt Geiger purple court shoes? Too dark. Orange round toe court shoes? Too bright. Metallic Office court shoes? Hmmm, yes, I might be on to something there! The overriding palette of this dress is extremely light grey and purple with a few pale blue tones. Metallic seemed understated enough without being boring.

By a happy coincidence, I had a necklace which would match perfectly which was given to me by a friend whose friend was having a clear out:

Now, I was perturbed that, despite the TK Maxx label stating ‘current season’, this dress would be behind the times the minute I took it to the till, much like the horrific depreciation of a car the second you move it off the forecourt. This is especially relevant as this is, in my opinion, an outlandish amount of money to spend on a dress, despite the £100 saving off the RRP.

My thoughts were calmed when I stumbled across the latest collection from Prabal Gurung from New York Fashion Week on, a website to which I have lost whole days:

The colour palette is very similar to my new dress

The colour palette is very similar to my new dress

This comforted me, despite the fact that I am unlikely ever to pair this dress with what looks like a leather gun harness, I wouldn’t mind trying out a thick black leather belt though.

I’m not sure why I think it’s a good idea to stick a picture of a runway model after a point-and-click photo of myself. I always end up looking a bit round…


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