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#TodayImWearing Orange and Green – Challenge accepted

Do you remember how I was challenged (informally) to wear both orange and green together in one outfit? Well, I took that challenge, and I have spent two weeks searching for the perfect white pencil dress and green neck scarf with which to wear my orange shoes. You see, I can’t just throw on any old green and orange thing, I have to at least attempt to make it look chic (jury is still out on whether I succeeded).

Then I decided that essentially my outfit would just be white with orange and green accessories, and if I’m going to do Emma Stone justice (as per my ‘Orange’ post), then I need to go the whole hog. I need to be wearing green and orange. 

I need to apologise two-fold, firstly for my outfit in general if you’re not a fan, and secondly because I have stepped away, at least for today, from my usual terrible photography against the backdrop of my unmade bed. I ventured outside thinking that a granite wall background is going to give this outfit the best chance to shine, or more likely ‘glare’. Plus a 7am start at work is allowing me to finish at 3:30pm and it’s still daylight!

Green tea dress, £12.99, TK Maxx, acid yellow cropped jacket, £15, H&M sale, orange shoes, £42, Dune sale

Green tea dress, £12.99, TK Maxx, acid yellow cropped jacket, £15, H&M sale, orange shoes, £42, Dune sale

I decided against buying a new dress as I have plenty of stuff in my wardrobe. Plus, what better way to Look Fabulous For Less than by recycling clothes you already have. No excess expenditure, and it gives you a chance to be adventurous with your clothing, rather than re-wearing the same prescribed outfits over and over again. Lord knows I like to be adventurous with my wardrobe.



The tea dress has a little white lace collar, and although I love it, I did feel a bit like an incandescent Victorian. Were the heating in our office less temperamental than Bruce Banner on a bad day I would have left the jacket off. Unfortunately that just isn’t an option, and every other jacket I had clashed horribly (that’s not a joke, besides black just wouldn’t cut it – you go hard or go home when you’re wearing colours like these).

I think tomorrow I’m going to attend the office in a brown pencil dress, if only so that my work colleagues can remove their sunglasses.



6 thoughts on “#TodayImWearing Orange and Green – Challenge accepted

    • Thank you so much! I had a brain wave in the middle of the night and I was so late the next morning that I just chucked the whole lot on and hoped for the best. Seems to have worked out OK 🙂

    • I was worried that a picture outside where I’ve actually made an effort might look a bit narcissistic, but I was quietly pleased with the results. I may have to do it more often. Also, thank you for the compliment, general female consensus has been that I pulled it off. The men weren’t so keen. However ES said I looked marvellous and out of them all, he’s the only man that matters (apart from Ryan Gosling and possibly Jenson Button)

      • In my opinion its difficult to get a compliment out of a female rather than a male, in which case it sure means you rocked the outfit. 🙂

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