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I’m giving up shopping for Lent

Specifically clothes shopping, and while I am still allowed to browse (purely for purposes of blog research of course), I am not allowed to purchase.

This started off as one of my usual grand, sweeping statements that, as usual, was hastily retracted after 30 seconds once the enormity of declaration hit me right in the face like a hammer. Panic began to rise from my belly, encroaching on my upper torso as a hot flush of agitation. Yesterday, after giving it further consideration, I decided that in fact I would give up shopping for Lent. This was aided by the fact that I had managed to go a whole day without buying some clothing in between revoking my resolution and taking it up again.

Now, I am not a Christian, nor am I in the least bit religious, but like many other Atheists around the globe, I find this exercise in self control intriguing and every now and again I’ll dabble in it.

Upon perusing my wardrobe of late I have realised that I have a lot of clothes, however what I find comforting is that I wear them all, every single last item. I figured that I would use this period of how ever many days (is it 4 weeks? I said I wasn’t religious…) to experiment with my wardrobe and wear the clothes that I already have.

Now, this is going to be tough. Shopping to me is less a concious thought process and more an involuntary physiological reaction, much like the process of digestion. In fact, I spotted some gorgeous Pretty Polly suspender tights on ‘Fashion For Lunch‘ Blog and had already added them to my cart when I remembered my over-exuberant renouncement of shopping and bid a brisk retreat (not before bookmarking the page for when my fashion fast is over. Well, just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t scrutinise the menu).

With my Orange and Green outfit, I had spent two weeks trying to find the perfect dress to address my outfit challenge when in fact I had the perfect clothing combination in my wardrobe all along. In addition, I will be attempting to step up my #TodayImWearing posts with creative ensembles and garments that I have not thought to wear together before. Dresses that I would have previously consigned to ‘weekend wear’ will be smartened up with the addition of jackets. Shift dresses will be transformed with the inclusion of colourful belts and clashing shoes. Tops and skirts that had never previously met will be acquainted. I hope to stumble across some quirky and stylish outfits and therefore expand my range of available outfits without making a single purchase.


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