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Lent Day 2 – Boring Brown and Playful Pink

Did you know it was Valentines day today? I am convinced that the only way that you could have missed this fact is if you had succumbed to a long and arduous coma. What used to be a mildly irritating holiday has now turned into a violent battle of wills between those who are single, and those who are not mainly thanks to social media. Twitter has been a blur of “Roses are red, violets are blue” ditties which make me want to smash up my laptop with an extra large bottle of tomato ketchup, no matter whose side of the fence I fell on.

Regular readers will know that I am not single and so are possibly struggling to understand my hatred of this day. It’s not the usual ‘Hallmark’ bullcrap that gets me going, it’s the fact that it is totally and utterly inescapable.

ES and I are celebrating Valentines Day in a fashion by taking a long overdue trip to the bowling alley (we have been planning this for months but only now has it materialised), so I should thank this Mr Valentine chap for that at least.

Also, as I don’t want to attend my ‘date’ looking like a turd in a wig (all dressed in brown), you get the pleasure of two outfits today.

New Look coat, £49.99 in the sale, Scarf, H&M £7.99, Bag, Jones the Bottmaker, £10, The British Heart Foundation

New Look coat, £49.99 in the sale, Scarf, H&M £7.99, Bag, Jones the Bootmaker, £10, The British Heart Foundation, Office court shoes, £10, charity shop.

I have again ventured outside owing to the fact that I got so many compliments on my improved setting (in fact it was only one but I’ll take that as success) and it was distinctly warmer today than yesterday’s snow fest.

This coat uncovers mixed emotions in me. I think it is very classic, the cut and length are impeccable, but paired with the wrong items I can look a bit like a land girl…

Dress, £12.99 TK Maxx, bag and shoes as before

Dress, £12.99 TK Maxx, bag and shoes as before

My work colleagues passed comment on my more subdued attire today, with one saying that I looked like a granny. Charming. I had to wear this dress as I now work a strict policy whereby, unless a garment is specifically seasonal, if I haven’t worn it in 3 months, it’s getting donated to charity. This dress doesn’t fit as well as it used to, and in truth is a lot nicer in person, but I think it just looks too baggy over the bust. I may have to find it a new home…

For my date I elected to wear pink as it is one of ES’s favourite colours. This dress is usually reserved for the office but in the spirit of mixing up my wardrobe over my abstinence from shopping I decided to brighten it up with hot pink court shoes and a sparkly head band:

Next dress, £8, The British Heart Foundation, Dune pink shoes, £28 in the sale, Kurt Geiger headband £20

Next dress, £8, The British Heart Foundation, Dune pink shoes, £28 in the sale, Kurt Geiger headband £10 (normally £30… who pays £30 for a headband?!)

I simply adore this dress. The colour is so vivid and I enjoy the bold black trim. The headband was bought last year with one of those £20 gift card things you get in Elle Magazine. You can only buy a full price item with them and as full price Kurt Geiger shoes are out with my usual budget this seemed like a suitable alternative. Plus, ES goes crazy for headbands. It’s things like this that make me see how wonderful he is. When you can do something as simple as put on a headband and be told that you look ‘prettyfuls’ well, it doesn’t get much more romantic than that. And that can happen at any time, not just on Valentines Day.


One thought on “Lent Day 2 – Boring Brown and Playful Pink

  1. Love your writing as usual 🙂 the pink dress and your grey shoes in the other 2 outfits are very nice. And yup, keep up the outfit posts outside, it does justice to your outfit. Take care,

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