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1. The Village – A Vintage Scene in Inverness

This weekend’s trip to Inverness revealed some interesting time-worn finds. None more so than The Village. This is a whole establishment devoted to antiquated loveliness. Rails upon rails of beautiful clothing all very reasonably priced. Think of it as a vintage emporium with a variety of other facilities thrown in.

Upon speaking to Ruth Oulton and Dave Lynch, who have worked together to create this fantastic space, I learned that not only do they do a roaring trade through their own vintage business, but they offer low rents to budding entrepreneurs without tying them to a lease. Your business does not have to have a vintage vibe to it, and it offers a fantastic platform from which to start out. They do, however, want to encourage a vibrant vintage scene in the city. Recently a book store has opened up and they also have an outlet which sells a huge variety of old records, so if you’re into old soul or vintage music, this is the place to go. This is especially pertinent considering the recent (almost) demise of HMV and the closure of independent music store One-Up in Aberdeen.

They are scheduled to host a fashion show at Eden Court on 31st of May and are welcoming to anyone who wants to get involved. You can see them on Facebook  for information or to volunteer as a stylist, model or to sell your own wares.

Fancy a sneak peak inside the shop?

Rails of clothing in The Village

Rails of clothing in The Village

One of the more intriguing items that I found in the shop was this Oscar De La Renta suit from the 80’s. It featured in their last fashion show and stole the limelight:

Oscar De La Renta vintage skirt suit, size 8, £130

Oscar De La Renta vintage skirt suit, size 8, £130

One of the things I love about vintage clothing is that there is always a story to be told. This suit was apparently brought in by a woman who hailed from Boston. Every year she would travel down to Miami to buy beautiful clothes. Part of her huge collection was brought into The Village including this gorgeous suit. She also brought in a number of black beaded original 40s dresses which were gracing the walls, pride of place on display.

The Village can boast the highest prices paid for clothing by the kilo, and they pay extra for vintage items especially those of good quality.

Another item that caught my eye was this sage green jacket by Edinburgh Woollen Mill:

Edinburgh Woollen Mill jacket

Edinburgh Woollen Mill jacket

Their items were all very reasonably priced and the selection was HUGE!

I am hoping to visit for their fashion show at the end of May and hope to do a write up. It’s sure to be a very exciting event!


2 thoughts on “1. The Village – A Vintage Scene in Inverness

  1. I quite liked this place when I visited in December. I even bought some old LPs for my Mum’s other half. I didn’t pick up any clothing in the end but there was a good stack of things to get through. Some nice finds!

    • Yes I’m short of funds so trying not to buy too much. I had high hopes for a tab leather pencil skirt but it didn’t sit quite right on me. They had a couple of different sizes which makes a change from the one off’s in charity shops.

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