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Lent Day 7: #TodayImWearing Leopard Print & Red – and it was bad.

I am not feeling today’s outfit. At all. Perhaps it’s because yesterday’s outfit was so good, this one was always going to bomb. But I hadn’t banked on it tanking this badly.

My idea was to reverse yesterday’s outfit of red and leopard print by wearing leopard print and red in the form of my red court shoes and leopard print pencil skirt, a great idea in principal, and good blog fodder at that. I put them on together and immediately thought I looked a bit slutty. I needed to make it look more corporate, so I elected to do this with a shirt. Picture the scene: it’s 6:10am, I am frantically rummaging in my wardrobe for a pale blue and white stripe Jaeger shirt that I bought from a charity shop for £4. I spent at least 15 minutes becoming more and more enraged before I decided that the H&M grey pin strip one I have will have to do.

I put it on. I dislike it. But I’m pushed for time so I decide to roll with it hoping it’ll grow on me. It doesn’t. I spent all day feeling intensely dissatisfied with my state of dress.

It was bad. Really bad. I look mismatched and unhappy. What was I thinking! Was I blind? In most outfit posts, bloggers like to show off a great outfit, where they look beautiful, myself included. But I’m not adverse to demonstrating where I got it completely wrong. So wrong. And not intentional wrong, like the Bingo Tights, there was no irony in this outfit.



So awful. So hideous. Worse than the Apple Bottom Jeans. This would be splashed all over the ‘worst dressed’ pages of a women’s magazine. Tear me to shreds. I deserve no better. I don’t have effortless style like some girls, I have to work at it, unfortunately I look like a badly dressed working girl, rather than working at it. There are days when I miss the mark by miles, the black tights make everything that was bad, even worse. So, as I’m stupid enough to put it online, take aim and fire your best shot,because this outfit is nasty.


4 thoughts on “Lent Day 7: #TodayImWearing Leopard Print & Red – and it was bad.

  1. Hey, a black shirt I think would have looked better but what’s life without a few mistakes right? That’s why I like your blog, its real and not gushing over every tiny thing and being perfect. Great work, please keep it up.

    • A black shirt would have been a great idea! Unfortunately I don’t own one and due to my stupid Lent resolution, unless I find one in a charity shop, I won’t be able to buy it before April. However, that’s only 5 weeks away, so I can always give it another bash! Thanks for the compliments on my blog. I agree, some blogs out there are so rose tinted it makes me feel ill. There’s one girl, who’s quite a famous blogger and the only reason I read her blog is because it’s like a car crash. No matter how bad it is, I can’t stop going back for another look just to be revolted over and over again. I now have a nickname for her for when I bitch about it with my boyfriend: “Fresh Blooms”, because she’s always banging on about how she bought ‘pretty pink hyacinths for my bedroom just like every girl should’, and then she’ll refer to them again later as ‘fresh blooms’ ARGH!!!!! WTF IS THAT!? Anyway, enough of my catty comments! Thank you for the compliment on my blog and this minor blip can add to my learning curve 🙂

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