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Auldearn Antiques: Fabulous Furs

My trip to Inverness yielded many vintage treasures and none more so than Auldearn Antiques in its entirety. If you’re a fan of hoary habiliments (antique nick-nacks to you and I) then you need to pay a visit. In fact, I’ll be stopping by again next weekend with my girlfriends, many of whom enjoy up-cyling and vintage fashion.

Auldearn Antiques is a mile outside of the village - follow the signs!

Auldearn Antiques is a mile outside of the village – follow the signs!

Not only do they have a huge selection of antique furniture and paraphernalia (more on that later), they have a large selection of vintage clothing, more specifically furs. Now I know that this is often a contentious subject and I have written before that I do not consider vintage fur to be a problem. In my opinion, it died years ago before it was taboo, throwing it into landfill isn’t going to bring it back. More than it being a scandalous waste, it reduces the amount of fur on the market, and to my mind, that’s only going to escalate the demand for new furs. We need to be keeping as many vintage furs  in the food chain as possible. Many animals are farmed for their fur within Europe, in fact this accounts for 60% of the ‘farmed’ fur market with mink and fox making up the largest proportion of animals farmed for their fur.

I have made no secret that I have been looking for a fur coat for myself for many months, and thus far have been unsuccessful, until now! Luckily I broke my Lent promise the day before this so I was able to buy this guilt free (although ES said he wouldn’t have let me leave the shop without it).

Fox fur coat, £25, Auldearn Antiques

Fox fur coat, £25, Auldearn Antiques

This beautiful coat (I presume made of fox, due to the rich auburn colour) was only £25. Many of you who follow my blog will know that I often find coats that aren’t as nice for a much higher price than this! It is in exquisite condition and there was no way I was leaving without it. It is sumptuously soft and has been cared for over the years, it shows in the sheen on the fur.

Luckily my mother doesn’t read my blog, or the email I received the other week asking if I was alive would suggest that she doesn’t, as she would know that dead people don’t write two blog posts a day. Anyway, I got her a little something too, but I’m not going to show you a photo just in case she decides to make an appearance.

Let me show you their selection of fabulous furs, all with a very reasonable price tag:

Selection of fur and faux fur on a rail. Faux fur starting at £9 and fur starting at £25

Selection of fur and faux fur on a rail. Faux fur starting at £9 and fur starting at £25

Beautiful textured fur, £45

Beautiful textured fur, £45

Pale fur coat, £25

Pale fur coat, £25

Fur stole, £25

Fur stole, £25

They have far more clothing there than just furs, more on that in another post. I only want to concern myself with their fur selection for now. Upon speaking to the owner, it turns out that they were lower on stocks of furs than normal, but it didn’t stop me gushing about how I had never seen such a range all in one place, and in such good quality, yet so reasonably priced. He stands firm on his theory that allowing people to feel like they’re getting bargain and they’ll keep coming back. That is true enough as like I say, I’ll be paying a visit with friends this Sunday.

If you want to see their stock list, check out the following link: Auldearn Antiques.

I’ll be writing another post on their furniture stock later in the week, so you can all wait with baited breath.


6 thoughts on “Auldearn Antiques: Fabulous Furs

  1. I have a rabbit coat and a musquash coat. I love them both – they are wonderful. I have no problem with old furs that have been dead for many decades; we should be using them and not discarding them. I’d never even think about a new fur coat.

    Very pretty buy and a great bargain. Both of my coats were £50!

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