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Fabulous Furniture @ Auldearn Antiques

I like to think of myself as having a quirky sense of style. In truth I’m more than likely just like everyone else. I want a light and airy room with white bed sheets. I want to have a splash of colour on the walls in the form of art. I want one wall in the room to be painted in a vivacious shade of blue and to have a teal rug on the floor in the centre to compliment it’s dazzling hue. Pretty standard… You just have to check everyone else’s Pintrest board to see that there’s nothing radical about my dream decor.

I would also like a smattering of interesting antique furniture to counteract my ultra modern sideboards and kitchen units. REVOLUTIONARY HUH?! I know, it’s anything but…

All my life (read as: for the past few months) I have wanted an old type writer to sit on an antique sideboard that has been painted a bright colour inside my stark white hallway, that would be immediately ruined by ES traipsing in and out covered in Hydraulic oil. I write that detail out of my ‘dream decor’ and instead ES miraculously changes from dirty overalls to smart trousers and a shirt à la Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid Love as soon as he crosses the threshold of our front door. This will never happen.

There is something else. Something that I didn’t realise that I wanted until I clapped eyes on it:

Mantelpiece clock, unpriced, Auldaern Antiques

Mantelpiece clock, unpriced, Auldaern Antiques

I couldn’t see a price on this one, but judging by all their other prices, it’s going to be very reasonable. I lusted after this, but the fact that I don’t own my own home rather scuppers my plans. I can’t decide if I would paint the wall around the fireplace of my imaginary house a colour, or if I would leave it a paler shade of neutral so that this really stands out. I imagine that this would look great in a room with a black red and neutral theme, placed against a deep red chimney pillar. In my head it looks incredible, but then so did a shirt and a leopard print skirt and we all know how that turned out!

I love the thought of old books in a vintage suit case in the corner of my huge living room. White washed floor boards with foot tall skirting boards and elaborate cornicing framing a beautifully displayed selection of old-world nicknack’s. Clearly in my head I live in a Victorian mansion where space and money are no object, but let’s face it, what woman doesn’t!

Goodies on the sheltered racking outside

Goodies on the sheltered racking outside

To finish off my collection of old-fashioned ornaments I really really want an early radio to go in my bedroom. It won’t work but it will look cool. A bit like me. OK nothing like me. Something like this would do nicely:


I love how it’s so huge! Nothing is that huge any more. It’s so simple. Just 3 black knobs. I can see it sitting atop a tall check of drawers surrounded by a huge selection of ladies jewellery. Speaking of jewellery:

Selection of jewellery, most items were 50p

Selection of jewellery, most items were 50p

You really can pick up all sorts here and it’s situation in the most beautiful setting. I think they could even run a little tea shop on this site and it really would add to the overall feel of the place. It is so charming and beautiful, you could easily enjoy a full day’s browsing:

SAM_0801 SAM_0802

There’s a delightful little courtyard where you could squabble with your friends over who saw the vintage roll top bath first. You could throw mugs of tea over each other from beautifully mis-matched tea sets that the proprietor had gathered over the years. This is another one of my dream decor ideas – a mis-matched tea set for 6 (I know right!? Such a great idea! How has no one one come up with this before?! Oh… they have… drat!). And if things got really heated, you could squirt tomato sauce all over your friend’s new, very reasonably priced, fur coat. How’s that for an afternoon of fun!

Auldearn Antiques is a mile outside of the village - follow the signs!

Auldearn Antiques is a mile outside of the village – follow the signs!


To view their stock list, click here


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