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Some of you will remember that I wore what should have been a gorgeous brown tweed style dress at work on Valentine’s day. Unfortunately, it was less than flattering on me due to my pitiful bust. It was less “Mad Men” and more “Crazy Lady”. This saddened me deeply as I had enjoyed wearing this dress on many an occasion but it was now time to admit that I no longer do it justice, and rather than giving me the illusion of curves, it just made it very apparent that I don’t have any. I considered donating it to the charity shop however I wanted to be assured that it was going to a good home. I decided to utilise this weekend’s girly trip to Inverness to hand it over to Morven, especially as I am now in possession of what we referred to as her bombshell dress, though at a tiny H&M size 8 it doesn’t fit me either, and given my current over zealous eating habits it is unlikely to fit me any time soon.

Allow me to remind you of how this dress looked on me last time I decided to wear it.

Dress, £12.99 TK Maxx,

Dress, £12.99 TK Maxx,

Now let me demonstrate the power of a good rack:

20130224_141233 20130224_14120420130224_141147

Morvy looks incredible in this dress. The shape over the bust shows off just the right amount of cleavage, it is suggestive rather than demonstrative. Lesley hilariously referred to these pictures as the ‘three puppies’ as you can see the beautiful Bertie Bremner in Morven’s arms.

Morven has recently succumbed to the phenomenon that is Mad Men, although by donating this dress I feel that I am enabling her addiction rather than helping her overcome it! It has a real Joan Holloway feel to it and I think she looks every bit the 50s bombshell. As a student nurse Morven’s funds are frequently low so I definitely got a warm fuzzy feeling from being able to add to her wardrobe without taking from her wallet.

Success all round I would say! Let’s honour Mad Men and all have a scotch to celebrate!


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