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Basic Bags

Bags appear to be getting simpler. A quick look through the Telegraph’s ‘Best Designer bags of 2013’ shows numerous designers who seem to have dispatched with the usual bells and whistles that we associated with designer bags last year.

2012 saw offerings from Chanel, Dolce Gabbana, Proenza Schouler and Prada which were covered in delicate details:

2012 bags

However, 2013 seems to have had enough of busy detailing, instead reverting back to a simpler time without losing that sense of elegance;

2013 bags

And this made me think… when I was at Auldearn Antiques with Eddie, I had spied a number of plain and simple bags, most 0f them leather and all of them £4, that were very very simple in their style. Simple box shape, often fastening with a single clasp at the top. Devoid of fussy detail, and yet radiating glamour.

Selection of ladies handbags at Auldearn Antiques - all £4

Selection of ladies handbags at Auldearn Antiques – all £4

I usually prefer my bags to be on the huge side so that I can lug around various items for which I have no need, and yet I will feel much more content if I have them with me. Although a big bag has the happy side effect of making you look smaller and slimmer, the strained face that you have to wear once you have filled it is anything but lady-like.

I was strangely taken by the dark brown bag at the front. I held it in my hand and immediately felt prim and proper. I stands pert and tall on the table, as oppose to my other bags which seem to sag and lose all shape as soon as you place them down. It carries with it, a natural grace, as if I can tap into the era from which it came, an age of skirts on the knee, ornate compact mirrors and heels under 2″. It makes me feel like Grace Kelly, a serene goddess, gliding through the modern world with elegance and poise.

Well, it would, only I can’t bloody use it yet because of my silly, stupid, infernal Lent promise! My exercise in self control is both a blessing and a bind. On the one hand, or arm, bag pun intended, it is reminding me that I am in possession of a great deal of self control when I want to be, rather than just rushing in and giving way to my most basic emotions, and yet on the other hand, I bought a fur coat the other week and it’s going to be far too warm by the time I allow myself to wear it. Typical!


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