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Lent Day 14 is a “Good Brow Day…”

I recently started to pay more attention to my eyebrows. This may be directly linked to my overwhelming obsession with Cara Delevingne. It’s hard not to be obsessed with this model as she is quite simply everywhere you look right now, staring out from underneath those heavy brows, her poised and perfect cheek bones making me want to walk around with a lemon in my mouth to replicate the look. Or I could just suck heartily on a cigarette 24 hours a day, that would probably do it…

On having dismissed both of those options, I have now realised that I am just going to have to be content with my slightly fat face.

However, my brows, now those are something that I can do something with! Whereas in the early 90s, modifying your brows would have meant plucking the first few centimetres into a thin strip, and pretty much waxing anything else after that, now modifying your brows means leaving them well and truly alone.

Hang on a minute, that’s not modifying them at all? Well, modifying your brows has evolved, rather than removing them, you double them.

I am ‘blessed’ with an exceptionally hairy face. Actually, it’s not that bad, but my eyebrows are framed by shorter less intrusive hairs which ordinarily, even outside of the early 90s, you would remove, despite the old wives warnings that you should never pluck from above the brow.

Luckily, I have reached my mid twenties in the decade where heavy brows are the only way to go. This means that rather than removing them, I can actively include them in the rest of my face. This means that my eyebrows can go from this (apologies for the terrifying eyes):

Long and gangly eyebrow hairs like an old man...

Long and gangly eyebrow hairs like an old man…


To this:

Excuse my slightly lazy eye... I like to think of myself as a poor man's fat Kate Moss

Excuse my slightly lazy eye… I like to think of myself as a poor man’s fat Kate Moss

My eyebrows have abnormally long and wayward hairs which leave bald patches when untamed. My way of circumventing this is to keep an empty old mascara tube and spraying hair spray into it. Once I have pencilled in my heavy brows, I continue their domestication by brushing the hairspray through them.

This has resulted in a bizarre outcome. When I open the oven door, a burst of steam is inevitably released into my face. I have noticed that after this occurs, my eyebrows seem to stiffen up somewhat, making the process of frowning rather novel.

Let’s move on to what I wore today. Heels. Yes that’s right, I lasted one day…

Oasis black shift dress, size 8, £5 Cats Protection League, George Street, Aberdeen. Fur hat, £10, Shelter Scotland, Edinburgh. Shoes, Kurt Geiger, £35, Swindon Designer Retail Outlet.

Oasis black shift dress, size 8, £5 Cats Protection League, George Street, Aberdeen. Fur hat, £10, Shelter Scotland, Edinburgh. Shoes, Kurt Geiger, £35, Swindon Designer Retail Outlet.



6 thoughts on “Lent Day 14 is a “Good Brow Day…”

  1. Haha was just thinking this the other day after spending hours oogling picks of Cara D. My brows are weird, they don’t really grow except in the middle, and I haven’t quite mastered the art of pencilling them in yet. What pencil do you use? I’m not quite brave enough to fork out £££ for a pencil I don’t know how to use… love your outfit by the way! xx

    • I use just a Maybelline brown brow pencil although it’s going down at a rate of knots and they’re not cheap, mine was just under a tenner. I like to keep it sharp so that I can be accurate when I’m pencilling in, especially at the thinner end where there are less hairs to disguise the line I’m drawing. My friend Lesley uses the benefit Brow Zings kit (

      There are two colours, 1 is light for mousy brown to mid brown brows, and the other is a dark brown for darker to black brows. My eyebrows are actually black, but if I use a black pencil I look ridiculous. You’re best to have a shade slightly lighter than your actual brow, but dark enough so that it still matches. Also, I once read somewhere than you want to keep the front of your brow as unpencilled as possible so that they still look natural, but the rear quarter, well, I think you can pretty much do as you please there so long as it doesn’t end up thicker than the front.

      • I forgot to say, even though the Brow zings kit is £22.50, it will last a lot longer than the 1 month I’m currently getting out of a £10 pencil!

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