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Lent day 16 – #ProjectMichibata

Like most women, I suffer waves of interest with certain celebrities or models and frequently lean on them for inspiration or drive for a given goal.

My first crush of 2012 was model Karlie Kloss, but I started to notice that she was looking increasingly skeletal and that’s not the look I’m going for. Then I moved on to Miranda Kerr, a beautiful Australian model who is the epitome of breezy elegance, always bronzed and toned, something that I find hard to replicate as a woman living in North East Scotland. This doesn’t stop me trying though and this is demonstrated by my next girl crush – a brief dalliance with Eva Mendes. As another tanned and toned goddess, she is also way outside my achievable range, but I stumbled across her a whilst in the midst of a coy 3-some between myself, Google and the search term ‘Ryan Gosling’. As his current long term girlfriend, she features in a number of photographs with him and so began my Mendes affair.

However, summer is fast approaching (well it is in my head anyway), and that also means that the F1 is on its way. Therefore it is time to return to my old faithful – Jessica Michibata.

I love stalkishly browsing photo’s of her and her F1 Paddock style. In fact I have come to realise that I don’t much care for her modelling photos but I think she takes she takes a cracking picture off the pitch as it were. Her casual style is impeccable, and while I find the I can do high maintenance glamour rather well, my casual attire often falls on its unmade face. I feel that I have some lessons to learn from Miss Michibata, and I love the way that she also wears a certain Jenson Button on her arm with an air of breezy indifference, where as I wouldn’t be able to stop licking his face.

There has been a development in my annual Michibata obsession since 2012 in the name of Pintrest. Now I have a lovely little space where I can collate all of my Michibata images that spur me on my casual quest. The second development is my weight loss. Now her gorgeously toned tummy appears to be in reach, albeit with a little lot of effort.

My recent appointment with the doctor regarding my broken knee was a mixture of good and not so good news. Essentially he thinks that I will get away without an operation but also that I will be consigned to the gym for the rest of my life so that I can keep my leg muscles strong to support the joint. I decided to view this as two positives. Firstly, no operation means no scarring and no more muscle wastage while I recuperate, and secondly my enforced gym obsession means that I can now concentrate on getting some cracking abs and toning up my ‘old lady bottom’ as I refer to it as it seems to have sagged slightly with my period of inactivity after the aforementioned accident.

#ProjectMichibata has begun, hopefully just in time for me to get bikini ready for my summer holiday. I bet you’re wondering if I am going to also replicate her fabulous life style by booking a great holiday somewhere hot… well the short answer is no. I will most likely be holidaying in Northampton. Don’t ask.

With this in mind, I want to see if I can replicate some of her outfits, but obviously as it’s Lent, I’m only allowed to wear what I have in my wardrobe. This leads me swiftly to this picture:

Jessica Michibata wearing black pencil skirt and grey jumper.

Jessica Michibata wearing black pencil skirt and grey jumper.

Most of you will be thinking that this outfit is incredbily dull, but it excited me more than was imaginable, mainly because I own a grey jumper and a black pencil skirt… well, who doesn’t!

Having since learnt my lesson from my grand Lent promise on which I quickly doubled back, this time I am starting out small, and this outfit seemed as good a start as any!

Marion played glamorous assistant today and quickly took a photo of me in the office:

Skirt, £10 Topshop sale many moons ago. Grey Gap jumper, £4, Barnardos Aberdeen. Shoes Dune Lambrini D £70.

Skirt, £10 Topshop sale many moons ago. Grey Gap jumper, £4, Barnardos Aberdeen. Shoes Dune Lambrini D £70.

I love this skirt, but it may be time for it to take a shwopping excursion into somebody else’s wardrobe. It’s a size 12 and it fitted perfectly when I bought it. Then there were around 6 months where it was too tight, and now it is a dress size too big. As it is a fish tail design it narrows at the knee, but because it’s too big, it doesn’t occupy its usual ‘high-waisted’ position on my body, instead slumping onto my hips and therefore sitting below the knee. This has made my stride length very short. Imagine, if you can, my 15 minute stroll up the hill to work in the morning. Now, replace this leisurely image with one of me on a 20 minute frantic waddle up the hill because I can’t extend my stride over a foot in length.


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