Do it because it makes you happy, and enjoy it when you get there.

Dad and I are sat in the foyer of our hotel reading the Sunday papers. The weather outside is cool without being brisk (something of a novelty in the Scottish highlands) and yet I’m not chomping at the bit to get outside and ‘enjoy it’. Perhaps it’s the sudden existence of a toe blister after yesterday’s stroll that is stoking the fire of my sedentary contentment. On the contrary, we just had a discussion over which coffee cup is the one with the sugar in it. On having sniffed them both twice I declare that mine is the right hand cup. 5 minutes later after a simultaneous sip, we silently eye each other with suspicion and, without a word, place the cups on the table, slide each cup away from us towards the other and take another sip. A look of contentment spreads cross our faces. This is bliss. No pressure to do or not do something because it’s considered ‘right’. In some respects it’s a case of having nothing to prove. Just enjoy it because you do.
I have had the obligatory wander around Braemar this morning and even stumbled across a “Pre-loved” gift shop filled with second hand china, perfect blog fodder, and yet a few years ago I would have considered it sacrilege to come to the centre of the mountains and frequent a gift shop, despite an aching desire to pop in and imagine that quirky tea set on my non-existent side board in my even more non-existent house. But now, who cares! We can go for a walk this afternoon instead, and so what if the wind picks up and it starts to rain. We have been lucky enough with two days of unforecast splendor. Far better to be thankful for those and if the heavens do open today, I can make the choice to feel the rain rather than just get wet.


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