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Crazy. Stupid. Shopping.

A forlorn ES approached me several weeks ago, bereft because he had just gone through the knee of yet another pair of his ‘good jeans’ whilst working on the car. Then he made an announcement, a statement that was music to my ears:

“I think we need to go shopping for some new clothes”

Specifically, of course, new trousers, but that didn’t stop me from launching a couple of long sleeved t-shirts in his direction in Next. I hate to disappoint you all but there are not going to be any magic stories of almost new Hugo Boss suits found in charity shops for under a tenner. In fact this blog post doesn’t deal with charity shopping at all.

For many months I have eyed up various garments in charity shops but even after over 3 years enduring each other’s company I’m still not quite sure of his style. He has a penchant for baggier jeans and t-shirts, hoodies and skater shoes, all of which he wears into the ground. It was becoming apparent to me that everyone else who preferred this style of dress plainly did the same thing as none of these items ever made an appearance on the rails of any of the charity shops that I frequent.

It came as a bit of a shock to me when he declared that he wanted his style to be a bit more grown up than it had been previously. Many of my friends will be aware of my fixation with ES’s striking resemblance to a young Ryan Gosling, and I think my repeated scrutiny of said Hollywood heartthrob in Crazy.Stupid.Love may have had something to do with him wanting to re-evaluate his wardrobe.

This is a film in which RG looks particularly dashing, and this seems like as good a time as any to indulge in a quick Google image perve:

Ryan Gosling - Crazy Stupid Love

Ryan Gosling – Crazy Stupid Love


Delicious, and I ain't talking about the pizza.

Delicious, and I ain’t talking about the pizza.

Now ES has a particularly spiffing shirt collection, however he always found it difficult to accommodate these shirts into his outfits as they don’t really go with baggy jeans, and the gatherings we seem to attend are never smart enough for proper trousers. This allowed me to somewhat narrow down his requirements – casual trousers. All of ES’s woes would be solved by the acquisition of less baggy jeans and a couple of pairs of casual trousers.

I provide you with the obligatory before and after shots, not that there’s a huge change or anything, and it was disturbingly difficult to find anything that closely resembled a full length photo of ES on Facebook. Perhaps he doesn’t like his knees or something…


He's not usually much of a wine drinker either...

He’s not usually much of a wine drinker either…


Shirt, bought for him by his parents. Trousers, Next £22. Shoes, Next £45.

Shirt, bought for him by his parents. Trousers, Next £22. Bowling shoes – Not models own!

Sorry a second photo was unnecessary but I just fancied a good perve.

Sorry a second photo was unnecessary but I just fancied a good perve.

He scrubs up nicely, and the smarter, slimmer cut of the trousers means that he can now wear his shirt tucked in, although it is the end of the ‘hands in pockets’ pose, once his wallet is in there, there’s not much room for anything else. It also means that he can go for something a little smarter without having to look over dressed. Consequently, the purchase of 2 pairs of slim cut jeans, this grey pair of trousers, and a navy pair of trousers that were very similar, has opened up his entire wardrobe meaning that he has access to far more night time outfits than before. He can even chuck on a nice jumper rather than a hoody during the day. He seems pleased with the results and I’m ecstatic!

The positive of this means that I now know what he is happy wearing and means that I can forage through the mens clothing section of your local BHF as well, without being consigned purely to looking for the perfect grey woollen coat.

In fact the other day I did pick up an item or two for ES but they will have to wait for another post – ooh the suspense!


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