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Lent day 23 (I think?) – Casual Friday as seen in Middle Earth #ProjectMichibata

Today I wanted to channel laid-back elegance for my casual Friday attire, but instead I am sporting a look that is more suited to the Hobbits of Middle Earth. Just call me Frodo.

With #ProjectMichibata going strong (50 sit-ups and 50 leg raises in the gym later, I am determined to have a bikini ready tummy by April) I decided it was time to be a little more ambitious when it came to replicating her no-fuss take on beauty and style than a grey jumper and black skirt. In one of my favourite photographs, she is wearing a white scarf/shawl draped across her torso and I think it radiates a casual elegance that I would love to replicate. I hate it when I look too ‘try hard’. It makes me feel conspicuous and anything other than beauitful or glamorous, but here she seems to have nailed it:

Jessica Michibata, Circuit de Catalunya

Jessica Michibata, Circuit de Catalunya

I have my own shawl which I bought several years ago from Accessorize. I used to wear it to University (for the 6 short months that I was there) in the early morning lectures where I liked to hunker down under it and pray than no one could see my unmade face. However, my attitude towards this item has evolved from ‘comfort blanket’ to ‘casual-chic cover up’. It is still one of my favourite things to wear because of the way it makes me feel, especially when ES and I attend BTCC race meets. As these things are always outside, it’s a great way to keep warm without ending up wearing some bulky flourescent jacket with only your knees poking out of the bottom. There isn’t a pair of huge sunglasses out there that could elevate that from roadside workman to stylish weekend wear, believe me, I’ve tried.

Today I wore it for casual Friday and despite my colleagues asking me “when I would be taking my siesta” and “had I left my sombrero at home?” I continue to feel glamorous in it.

Shawl, half price £17.50, Accesorize

Shawl, half price £17.50, Accessorize

I decided to team it with my indigo jeans, which I recently found out that I had bought in a short leg in a moment of temporary madness or blindness, I’m not sure which, but it sure explains my cold ankles with my hi-tops. These now consigned to only accompany stilettos, such as my favourite Dune leopard print courts:

Dune leopard print court shoes, bought in a sale.

Dune leopard print court shoes, bought in a sale.

The price of these escapes me, but I remember panicking at my imminent bankruptcy when I bought them. Thank god I ignored myself as I simply adore these shoes. They go with everything, much like my powder blue belt that I bought for £1 – have I mentioned this belt? It’s incredible, it goes with everything… Oh, I have? Forgive me.

Some people will hate this shawl, but regardless of whether you think that I look like I should be storming the gates of Mordor, or taking a snooze in the hacienda, the way this garment makes me feel is far more important than that. I feel soft, and floaty, and elegant (FYI – These are not normally adjectives that you can apply to me).

As soon as this Lent ban is over, I fancy picking myself up a nice ivory or cream scarf as I really like the colour, and it’ll add some variety to my colleagues’ insults as they can ask me where my camel is instead…



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