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#TodayImWearing Red Polka Dots and Citrus Yellow

Before I launch into a frenzied exaltation of my new handbag, I want to share with you my ‘new’ Hobbs blouse. I bought this during my Lent phase where I wasn’t meant to be buying anything. Obviously that was thrown out of the window fairly quickly once I realised that I lack a backbone or any sort of will power. The procurement of items from charity shops was granted and this made Lent an awful lot easier…

For some time I continued to avoid shopping on the high street and didn’t wear any of my new charity shop purchases in order to attempt to continue my Lent vow. Eventually I also cast that aside in favour of admitting that I’m useless and instead bought some new bikinis from H&M.

I had spent around 30 minutes ferreting around in Barnardos on Union Street, Aberdeen before I spotted this little number. By this point I had already made 3 purchases and couldn’t really be bothered going back into the changing room to yet again wrestle my inflexible shoulders out of my jumper. Still, it was a size 8 and I sure as shit ain’t going to risk £14.99 on a blouse without trying it on first. This is outside of my usual price range, but on this occasion I decided that I loved it too much, and I never leave a blouse behind…

Hobbs blouse,size 8, £14.99 from Barnardos, Aberdeen. Skirt, full price, Zara. Nude slingbacks, Dune sale, London.


You can see here that my legs are an appalling shade of grey, and I have actually been prompted by this photo to bulk buy some Piz Buin fake tan from Amazon. There is a reason that they are on show in a slightly more ghastly fashion than usual (i.e. without the protection of hosiery).

This morning I realised that the only pair of nude tights I have left are some sort of hideous granny perma-tan and they always develop a slight wrinkling around the ankles, it’s not pleasant. I came to the conclusion that I should instead risk wearing some hold-ups.

“Why is this a risk?” I hear you ask… well, for some reason hold-ups refuse to stay up on my right thigh. I have come up with many theories about this, some more complicated than others, (1 leg hairier than the other, one leg skinnier than the other, although it is my left leg that has suffered muscle wastage after my accident), but in the end I give up and accept that I simply can’t understand it.

I usually get to work around 7am and by 7:15 I had already laddered my stockings beyond salvation. By 8am my right stocking had sagged to below my hem-line twice and I was at the end of my tether. Couple this with the fact that yesterday I spent 5 terrifying minutes believing I was pregnant until I realised that I had only counted 3 weeks on my calendar instead of 4 and it’s not adding up to be a good week.

8:03 – I stride purposefully towards the ladies loos to remove my stockings despite the fact that I am sporting some light winter plumage and consign myself to sitting at my desk and having all cups of tea and print outs handed to me.

Today may have been a complete write-off were it not for one thing… my new handbag.

I love this bag, it’s on a par with my powder blue belt. Have I mentioned this belt, it’s the most perfect belt ever made, it’s wonderous in its simplistic beauty (I realise that this belt is now becoming a bit of an inside joke, so if you’re a regular reader, you can feel smug that you got it. If you’re not a regular reader, shame on you! Get your glasses out, you’ve got some catching up to do!)

Ever since Jessica Michibata Instagrammed (I reckon that’s a verb) this handbag, I have been fantasizing over buying my own bright handbag for summer. My currently collection is very muted and it desperately needed an injection of colour.

Michael Kors handbag from

Michael Kors handbag from

After many weeks of loitering with purpose around the handbag selection of TK Maxx looking for the perfect bright handbag (my choices were green, orange, yellow or red) I stumbled across this:

Handbag, £29.99 from £110 - TK Maxx, Union Square, Aberdeen

Edina Ronay Handbag, £29.99 from £110 – TK Maxx, Union Square, Aberdeen


Oh just look at it! It’s perfection! Bright and zesty perfection! No matter how laddered my stockings were, or how gravitationally challenged they had become, I just needed to glance slightly to my left, take in its awesome beauty and I carry on my day knowing that nothing was that bad, because I own the perfect handbag.


3 thoughts on “#TodayImWearing Red Polka Dots and Citrus Yellow

  1. i can’t get on with nude tights either. but i’m way too lazy to fake tan and don’t have the sexual prowess to pull off stockings. xx
    ps loving you describing your grizzly legs as ‘”plumage” 😉

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