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Casual Glamour

My quest for the holy grail of casual glamour seems set to continue. Up until around 9:30am today I thought I had nailed it, but then one offhand comment from a colleague suggested that, on the contrary, I still had some way to go.


This morning, my alarm interrupted my sleep at 5:20 as expected, although it seemed rather more rude than usual. Groggily, I spent 10 minutes contemplating today’s outfit. For several weeks I had been traumatised by the loss of my faithful grey long sleeved top by Gap (bought from Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Cults). I could not figure out what I had done with it, and consigned it to the graveyard along with various biros, Kirby grips, sunglasses and other items long lost to the mists of time. It was only when I stumbled across it in a crumpled heap under some camping gear in ES’s bedroom at his parents’ house that I really experienced the full force of the joy to be had from experiencing a miracle.

With casual Friday looming, I decided that this would be as good a day as any for its miraculous rebirth, and it seemed especially timely given that it is Easter. Having recently favoured the skinny jean, I decided that my Armani boyfriend jeans were in danger of becoming moth-balled, plus I reckoned that they had enough of a casual feel to them.

My insatiable appetite for all things leopard print is showing no signs of waning so I paired the two with my leopard print court shoes and a huge bun in order to cover the ‘glamour’ part of this post’s title.

Gap top, £4, CHS Scotland, Cults. Scarf, £7.99, H&M.

Gap top, £4, CHS Scotland, Cults. Scarf, £7.99, H&M.

Armani Jeans, £20, Shelter, Edinburgh. Dune shoes, in the sale, Aberdeen

Armani Jeans, £20, Shelter, Edinburgh. Dune shoes, in the sale, Aberdeen

All was going well until 9:30 when Tim walked into the office and said:

“You’re looking very rustic today…?”

Rustic! RUSTIC!

All of a sudden, the image of myself stood on a street corner in Paris, holding a coffee from an independent restaurant and a Chanel shopping bag was replaced by me tramping through a farm yard with straw in my hair, facing an imminent soaking of mud from a passing tractor. Rustic indeed…

Maybe it was the rolled hem… it may have been the addition of the scarf (again the temperature ensured one was thankful for choosing a t-shirt bra over a lacy number). Who knows.

While we’re on the subject of today’s outfit, I bought the belt almost a year ago for the simple fact that I quite liked it, it had a nautical feel and was only £1.

This morning was the first day that I have truly looked at it

Coach belt, £1, charity shop

Coach belt, £1, charity shop

2013-03-29 08.55.25

I had no idea it was designer, I just knew I liked it. Is it bad and materialistic of me to love it even more now?

Thoughts on a post card…


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