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Lent is over!

Had I managed to stick to my Lent promise, yesterday would have been a day of huge celebration. There would have been a procession through the city of Inverness. I would have sat on the back of a rusting L200 with a fluorescent pink string vest in my hair and a sash that said “Lent Non-Shopping Queen”. Ribbons of ticker tape would have fallen from the sky and people would be crying at the sides of the road. It would have been beautiful.

As it was, I resigned myself to failure after about a week, I tried to rectify the situation by making it easier for myself but I still managed to go astray another 2 weeks after that. It was utterly pitiful, but I’m only partially to blame. Lesley, AKA The Stylist, has to take some of the responsibility as she is incredible at dressing other people. All too often, she appears from behind a stand with a cheeky grin on her face holding the object of my desire, even if I didn’t know it yet. It’s like she knows my body shape better than I know it myself!

As a consequence of my contemptible willpower, I had to settle for yesterday’s guilt free shopping in TK Maxx with the girls as oppose to the carnival I previously envisaged. I shouldn’t really have been spending any money as funds are running low. However, some things are just too good to leave behind, and I managed to purchase another pair of gym pants at a very reasonable price, I considered these a necessity and, yet again, Lesley hit the jackpot.

Midi skirts have stolen the limelight recently, and the mid calf length can be very flattering if done right. Personally, I find this length very difficult to wear when the fabric is floaty as I feel it ages me by around 6 decades. However, being the tart that I am, make it incredibly tight, give it some stretch and I’m there in a heart beat… that’s if you have the heartbeat of an elephant or a blue whale because the cut does make it rather difficult to move at any sort of speed.

The Louis Vuitton check was rightly predicted to be a huge trend on the high street this coming spring. Imitations of this style are readily available both online and in store.

Wear the chequered flag, be the chequered flag

The slightly off centre nature of this photo is extremely irritating

I had been rummaging through the rails of tops in fact looking for inspiration for my friend Kerry when Lesley did her usual and materialized from between the rails with a sheepish look on her face and said “You’re going to hate me.” In fact she was wrong, I was torn somewhere between hate and adulation. On the end of her outstretched arm was a gorgeous midi checked skirt.

Checked midi skirt £9.99 from TK Maxx

Checked midi skirt £9.99 from TK Maxx

The cleaner needs to step up in the work bathroom! I look like I’m a messy eater…

Aldo heels, 1/2 price years ago and black H&M basic T

Aldo heels, 1/2 price years ago and black H&M basic T

I enjoyed sashaying around the office all day in this, despite the fact that it took me at least two minutes longer than normal to collect anything from the printer. I’m looking forward to trying this with a selection of bright and bold tops and shoes, but at 5:30 this morning (which was in fact technically 4:30) I decided to stick with safe monochrome and a dash of bright red on my nails.


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