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Can you wear an Autumn palette in Spring?

My first thought is “Yes! Of course you can!”, because in truth you can wear whatever the hell you like, but then shortly after I came to this conclusion, I stumbled upon a problem; It just doesn’t feel quite right!

Around 5 weeks ago, my dad came up to visit me in Scotland and we spent the weekend in the Highlands around Braemar. As my shopping and bargain hunting habits can be directly attributed to this man, I knew he wouldn’t mind if we popped into the Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland for a quick browse.

Nothing immediately caught my eye, but after 5 minutes of half hearted ransacking I stumbled across this delicious little number (I experienced quite an intense fixation with jackets over the winter, a phenomenon never before encountered):

Tunde By Design round neck jacket, £35, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland

Tunde By Design round neck jacket, £035, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland

£35 is more than I would usually spend even in Zara, but I just couldn’t leave it behind. It preoccupied my thoughts for a good 1/2 and hour in the cafe and a quick Google offered information on the manufacturer. It is actually a made to measure jacket by a small, exclusive outfitter in Aberdeen. Once I knew this, I just had to go back and get it. Made from a beautiful burnt orange Harris Tweed fabric, the quality of the craftsmanship is exquisite. I figured that I had once spent £24.99 on a jacket in H&M that was nowhere near the quality of this one, it was unique and quite simply divine.

The weekend continued, and as I was in the midst of my Lent ban (I could only buy clothes from charity shops and I couldn’t wear them until lent was over – I failed miserably, see all posts in ‘Lent‘ for full details) I decided to leave it in the shopping bag to avoid any unnecessary temptation.

All temptation was successfully removed once Dad set off home early on the Monday with the carrier bag still in the boot of his car. I was gutted! I had been so excited about this jacket and now I wasn’t even going to be able to swoon over it in my wardrobe. As luck would have it, Dad was able to post it back to my by the time that my Lent ban was over, something that became irrelevant about 2 weeks after I waved him off mostly due to my shocking will power.

I got the text message to say that my parcel had arrived and I was over joyed. Opening up the packaging to see my beautiful jacket was like Christmas all over again. But something didn’t feel right. I didn’t love it as much as I had remembered. I tried it on with a multitude of dresses and nothing caught my fancy, something was off. Then I realised, it’s now Spring! It has been sunny for the last 8 days, albeit with a strong northerly wind that relentlessly sucks any warmth out of the air like a fleas on a stray dog. It’s a sad fact but I feel that this colour and style of fabric is wholly unsuitable for spring.

Spring to me is a cool but light palette of pastels and bright colours, peppered with exotic patterns. It’s all designed to bring that tiny morsel of hope that we are actually going to get a summer this year to the surface, only for it to be pecked at furiously like hungry sea birds homing in on a lost mackerel.

The second problem with this jacket in Spring is the cut, a dished round neck , that again doesn’t feel quite right for this time of the year.

Tunde by Design jacket, £35, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Ballater

Tunde by Design jacket, £35, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Ballater

Ignore the skirt, this wasn’t an outfit, I just flung it on over the top in the absence of being able to successfully match it with anything for the past few mornings at 6:00am.

It’s a little big just under my arms, but that’s another thing, I tried it on with a jumper, it being baltic and all, and it fitted wonderfully. I feel the collar is just a little harsh for this time of year, a time when we should be optimistically lowering our necklines in preparation for our usual non-summer.

I tried it with the 2nd and 3rd buttons open but still it didn’t feel right:




I think this is such a fabulously chic little jacket, it feels very Audrey Hepburn, I can imagine it with a cute little neck scarf and either trousers, dress or skirt, but it’s just not right for spring.

That said, I cannot wait for Autumn to come back around so I can put it on and love it all over again!



3 thoughts on “Can you wear an Autumn palette in Spring?

    • Well thank you! I’m delighted that you approve, and after your kind words I may have to make a more concerted effort to find an occasion to wear it before Autumn. I did worry about the reference to Audrey…

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