Pay less and spend less

Following on from my last post “Pay more, Spend Less“, clearly the best way to save money is to pay less in the first place for something that is already good value for money, and that is where Lily Lolo comes in.

Lily Lolo is a brand of mineral make-up that is very reasonably priced. My friends Kerry and Lesley have been, for many months, advocating the benefits of mineral make-up over your more traditional types and brands.

I had looked at Bare Minerals but then Lesley introduced me to Lily Lolo which is not only much better for pale skin tones (and as we all reside in Northern Scotland, this very much applies to us) but it is also significantly cheaper with the Bare Minerals Foundation coming in at £25 for 8g. By comparison Lily Lolo Foundation is just £12.49 for 10g. Both are SPF 15 and both are a powder foundation which works well for oily skin types without clogging the pores and compounding the issue.

Lily Lolo foundation in 'Blondie' the second most pale shade

Lily Lolo foundation in ‘Blondie’ the second most pale shade

My skin type is fairly difficult to deal with and I have had many long and arduous discussions with my face as to why it is behaving like a stroppy teenager and in turn making me look like one. Frequently my T Zone glistens with excessive oil and at the same time a giant flap of dry skin will be making a bid for freedom from the remnants of the last giant spot to grace my face. I know I sound like something out of Shrek…

I found that the worse my skin got, the more make-up I required. The more make-up I required, the more my skin threw the dummy out of the pram. This circle ended up more vicious than a hungry Alsatian and I desperately needed to break it.

On Lesley’s recommendation and after trying her foundation for a day in the shade ‘Blondie’ I decided that I immediately needed this in my life (their postage is extremely quick and the standard postage which claims 3-4 days actually usually arrives in 1-2 days if ordered early). First applications did take me significantly longer than my original Maybelline liquid foundation, to the point where i was needing to get up 10 minutes earlier for work (at 5:20, yes feel sorry for me…) but I steadily started noticing that I was requiring a shorter and shorter time to apply it. This was down to two factors:

1) I was getting better at applying it to my face without chucking it all over the floor

2) My skin was improving by the day and I was needing less and less make-up to hide my blemishes.

I also bought their Kabuki brush and found that their brush was by far the best value for money costing only £14.29. When visiting Kerry recently we actually commented on the quality of the brush over that of Bare Minerals, despite the Bare Mineral Brush costing £24.

Also, the Lily Lolo brush seems to be much more ergonomically designed because you can  apply your make-up in much more confident circular strokes as you can hold the brush perpendicular to your face.

The improvement in my skin has been incredible, unfortunately I don’t have any ‘before’ photographs as I’m not in the habit of putting my very worst bits all over the internet. I now look almost permanently airbrushed and I don’t need to worry so much about attending the gym without first removing my make-up




As a result, not only does my make- up automatically last longer because it’s powder rather than liquid, I also use far less due to the improved condition of my skin, and it’s a win win all round!


One thought on “Pay less and spend less

  1. I ♥ Lily Lolo, I’ve been using it for years now!! x I agree with you about the quality of their Kabuki brush, it’s just so soft x I have several other brushes of theirs too, they are all equally as good x
    I’m glad you are seeing the benefits of using mineral foundation 🙂

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