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Reinvent your maxi for summer 2013

This years big trend for the maxi skirt/dress is the thigh high split! Daring and head turning, but seriously sexy without the need to show tonnes of flesh so it makes it great for the transitional season that is spring.

A couple of years ago I bought a black maxi dress in a stretchy jersey fabric from New Look. The stretch was great for maneuverability but it did mean that the dress had a tendency to lengthen/sag through out the day, in fact any time past 12pm and my companions would need to be on strict bra watch.

ES and I are in the process of trying to buy a house and that means that we are watching the pennies. Should you wish to know what it’s like trying to buy a house in Aberdeen through the illogical Scottish system, follow these simple steps.

1) Dive head first off the dining table

2) Despite your concussion, stand up and immediately knock out 100 jumping jacks

3) Find a road and stumble blindly in front of a bus.

In fact, steps 1 and 2 are optional.

So, as a result of working on a tighter budget than normal, I decided to embrace my sudden unwavering need for a long skirt with a thigh high split by cutting up my maxi dress.

The reason for my obsession was this photo:

Cara Delevinge in a sexy yet sultry skirt with thigh high slit

Cara Delevinge in a sexy yet sultry skirt with thigh high slit

I am by no means a seamstress, in fact many of my ‘projects’ have ended in misery and rage. I had nothing to practise on, this was going to be a one shot wonder so I had to mentally prepare myself for writing off my maxi in order to avoid the temper tantrum when it all goes wrong.

First, I needed to find something long and straight to assist with my drawing of lines, something I’m not very good at! A roll of wrapping paper did nicely. I’m nothing if not inovatory:


Second, I marked out the slit on my dress, not with dressmakers chalk or anything fancy like that, no, I marked it out with a nude lipstick that I didn’t like the colour of (sorry Revlon)


Then obviously I cut it up, stitched a hefty line across the top of the split to stop it from running higher (especially as it was already pretty risqué), then I folded the fabric back on to itself along the length of the split and stitched it to ensure that it didn’t fray.


That’s about the extent of my skills, but as with everything I do, provided you don’t look too close then I pull it off.


I also was much less of a fan of the racer back style once the slit was added, the whole thing looked a bit slutty, so I elected to wear long sleeved tops over it and make it into more of a Boho skirt.





Speaking of boho chic I don’t know if you have noticed the fabulous Aztec print cowboy boots that I am sporting… if you haven’t start noticing! These lovely things were purchased in the Kurt Geiger sale for £59 down from £150 and I’m pretty sure that, given the increasing trend towards Aztec prints this season, I’m going to live in them.

Carvela boots, £59 from £150

Carvela boots, £59 from £150

They’re not my usual style at all, but I always struggle for comfortable yet stylish flat footwear in the interim between winter and summer… so spring then (duh!). You get very strange looks if you wear anything open toed when it’s below 10 degrees in Aberdeen (which as a matter of fact includes most of summer too!) so these will go nicely with a selection of dresses, shorts and jeans over the coming months. An investment purchase if I ever saw one.

I did clear the expenditure with ES first as there’s nothing more awful than having the joy of a great purchase robbed from you by the quizzical look of your boyfriend and the words “So how much were they then?”. Much better to get his blessing first and eliminate his opportunity to moan from the outset.

However, I do think that I may still invest in a maxi skirt with a slit at some point this summer, especially as the high wait option makes ones legs look incredibly long!



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