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Carvela summer ankle boots £59 down from £150

I recently began a Pintrest board to help me find my perfect pair of ankle boots for summer.

All of my favourites had some sort of Aztec pattern on them and I was becoming more and more aware that the Aztec style patterns were going to be huge this season. I therefore found it hard to believe that I would be able to find exactly what I wanted without paying full price.

They also needed to be in possession of a fairly low heel as I need to be able to walk long distances and when you live in the north of Scotland, sandals are not always suitable attire due to the unpredictable weather conditions.

The images that started off my lustful search were



I know neither of these images shows of the boots very well, but they encapsulated the spirit of the summer boot. My never ending quest for the perfect level of casual glamour seemed to be sending me firmly in this direction. My legs are by far my best feature, so this seemed a non-slutty, casual way to justify getting them out at every opportunity over the coming months.

The boots that I purchased were nothing short of perfection. My initial fears of the style being so current that I would not be able to find anything in the sale were allayed when a fortuitous wrong turn in the Bon Accord shopping centre, Aberdeen led me towards the Kurt Geiger store, which just so happened to have the words ‘Sale’ emblazoned across it’s front. Who am I kidding, I’m drawn to this shop the way emotionally unstable girls are drawn to ‘bad boys’, my appetite for it is insatiable, I’m powerless to it’s charms.

However, the other day was the equivalent to the day that Brett (our typical US Romcom bad boy) sells his Chevy and proposes to Tiffany in the trailer park, Kurt Geiger gave my exactly what I wanted at an unexpectedly low price, and I felt no guilt as a result of my usually expensive purchase, no guilt at all.

Carvela boots, £59 from £150

Carvela boots, £59 from £150

I recently tried these with a couple of outfits, one of which was my new Maxi dress, and the second outfit was some skinny jeans and a similar Aztec style top bought from a charity shop through the height of the Lent shopping ban. I have been unable to wear it for many weeks (and then the weather was horrific) but on Sunday it made it’s first outing.

Jeans, H&M, £29.99 full price, Jacket H&M £15 half price,

Jeans, H&M, £29.99 full price, Jacket H&M £15 half price,

Bershka Aztec print top, size small, £2.99, Barnardos, Union Street Aberdeen

Bershka Aztec print top, size small, £2.99, Barnardos, Union Street Aberdeen

More photos of me walking because that's what these boots are made for!

More photos of me walking because that’s what these boots are made for!

This is probably the most sensible item of footwear that I have ever bought! Usually the more sensible, the less I love it, but these boots happily buck the trend and I can see me happily living in them all summer, no matter the weather. They go with everything!




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