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Crop Tops and Trainers when you’re 25.

Yes, I’ve been on a break, and no I’m not going to waste 2 paragraphs waffling on about why like some other bloggers, or like I did in my last post…

Let’s just jump straight into the nitty gritty shall we and discuss my slightly thick middle.

It’s almost summer time, apparently. This has been marked by the marginal increase in temperature and the fact that we are now, thankfully, half way through May. It is also signified by the abundance of crop tops gracing the hangers of Topshop, other high street stores are available.

It is with relief that I can announce that this crop top trend is still only acceptable when worn with a high waisted garment on ones lower half. This is especially comforting since I seemed to spend an extra couple of months hibernating  and eating crap due to the extended winter we recently experienced. While some people may lament the presence of a spare tyre, I on the other hand seem to have picked up a bald continental from around the back of Kwik-Fit and have been wearing it as a belt. OK, things aren’t THAT bad, however I have been avoiding the gym, as well as blogging, and, in the absence of spending two hours a week sweatily grunting while I attempt to raise my head 8″ closer to the ceiling 70 times, I feel it shows.

While I may not be a slave to the gym, I am a slave to fashion, and I decided to venture into the realms of the crop top regardless of my abstinence from a controlled exercise regime. Unfortunately this cheeky purchase was not from a charity shop but instead from Topshop for the bargin price of £10. It would also appear that the same absurd pricing regulations apply to crop tops as they do to underwear, i.e. the less material you are purchasing, the more it costs. £10 isn’t expensive by any stretch but I can comfortably pick up a full length version of this top for £8 no bother.


The powder blue mini skirt was an inspired purchased from Shelter Scotland on George street a couple of weeks ago. I donated a Topshop black body con mini skirt the other week, Eddie had a brain haemorrhage, such is his love for mini skirts, and immediately instructed me to replace it. So I did. It was £4. Great colour.



I have a disturbing tendency to only buy high heels. This leaves my reservoir of flat shoes for casual and sustained use as more of a puddle, after a drought. I have been in need of some casual trainers for some time but haven’t wanted to splash out full price on the real deal (despite recently spending £50 on a pair of delightful Kurt Geiger sunflower sandals in TK Maxx, you see my problem?).

At £7.99 these Adidas baseball style trainers were an absolute bargain, thank you Barnardos, and their bright orange trim perfectly matches my natty obsession with neon. I also bought a matching cowl neck scarf from New Look as I accidentally left my favourite one on the train last weekend and shall now have to conduct an in depth investigation to source the location of their lost property and hopefully reclaim it.


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