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Happy Anniversary to me!

According to my WordPress toolbar, it’s actually the 1 year anniversary of my blog today. Had I known this in advance I would have worn something much more exciting than a Tesco grey shift dress, but that’s life isn’t it. It’s giveth with one hand and then it taketh away with the other utilising a wheel barrow and a mini digger. I’m only kidding, things aren’t that bad, but in my experience pessimism is much more amusing than rose coloured optimism. Plus it’s raining outside and I cycled to work this morning.

Speaking of said grey shift dress, it does kind of fit with today’s anniversary theme, despite it’s drab appearance, as this is the very same dress that I bought for my interview to work here. It cost me £12 and happily it actually fits a lot better now than it did then! I remeber the gleeful abandon with which I accepted the job, so confident and happy that things would change and I would be so much happier here. I know what you’re all thinking, you’re reading with one eye shut waiting for some sort of suicide note to scrawl across the screen. Sorry to disappoint folks, I do still love my job! Most days anyway, and I don’t think I’ve ever hated it for the whole 8 hours on the worst of them. I get to wear my dresses and make up, and most importantly my shoes, every single day!

On a side note, may we also celebrate the return of my work toilet cubicle.

Now, as we all know, I am currently living out of bags and stuff in a very cramped space. Thankfully this is a temporary situation and will come to a close once we finalise on our house. As expected, I am rather delighted about this, and the prospect of not having to clamber over a clothes dryer to reach my wardrobe fills me with joy. No longer will I have to experience a monsoon of shoe boxes every time I want something from the bottom of the pile on the top shelf. No longer will I have to do my ironing in a 3 foot square radius with my nose practically pushed up against the television, although to be fair I do like to get pretty close to Dr Mac (Green Wing for those of you wondering). Hell, I might even be able to place said clothes dryer outside IN MY OWN GARDEN! There possibly might even be enough room to swing a cat, and I’ll be getting a cat, or two, so I’ll let you know how that commonly said, but rarely tested, phrase works out.

My wardrobe space is not only difficult to get to, it’s also very much reduced. Half of my clothing is in my car under 2 bumpers and various car parts, and half of it is 100 miles away at the in-laws. I am missing 1/2 of my beautiful shoe collection, most of my summer clothes are in bags and my winter wardrobe is vacuum packed. This leaves me a fraction of my clothes at my disposal and it also means that I becoming more and more uninspired by the day when I look in there. I have fallen into the trap on a number of occasions where I have bought something, only to come to the distressing conclusion that I already own something very similar, usually at 3:30am half way through an exhilarating dream involving Ryan Gosling and a Lottery win. There is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING more upsetting than realising that not only are you not a millionaire with a yacht moored on the south of France, but that you also already own a pair of denim cut off shorts.

So, lets all cheer for the time when I will be reunited with the rest of my wardrobe and won’t have to step over anything to reach it. In fact, ES and I have already decided that the third bedroom is going to become  the walk in wardrobe and I look forward to keeping you all up to date on it’s eventual creation in 2017 when we actually have enough money to do it up.

Think of this as a belated apology for my lack of blog posts due to my claustrophobia induced depression and an advanced apology for the fact that things ain’t gonna get much better for the next few weeks. My outfits will continue to be uninspiring, often odd mixtures of comfort and tailoring that will undoubtedly be ill thought out in terms of the weather.

On a slightly brighter note, I picked up a pair of chic Carvella sandals from the Chest Heart and Stroke Charity shop on Rosemount Viaduct a couple of weeks ago for £15. A small chunky kitten heel ensures comfort and they’e already been worn into the ground! The canvas strap is perfect for summer and the slightly chunky ankle strap looks wondrous with my dainty ankles (I can shout about those to make up for the fact that I only have access to 1/3rd of my shoes that compliment them).


I’m also happy to report that I categorically do not own anything vaguely similar to these therefore I predict no shoe induced insomnia for the next few weeks.



4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to me!

  1. Megan, did you know the Red Cross, Banchory has been refurbished and is opening this Friday 30th May.

    Lots of brand label goods.

    Should be good!!!!

    • It’s all cleared with the boyfriend, I finish work at 3:30 and we’ll scoot straight over! I’m excited to see it as I do have some ‘before’ pictures somewhere from my previous visits! Thank you for the heads up! Much appreciated

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