This is my boyfriend’s idea of funny, but he’s the one who has to go running with me!

When the overwhelming urge to own a baseball cap took hold around 6 weeks ago, largely due to Lesley’s ability to make even a free oil industry cap look great, I resisted the urge to go straight out and buy one. For starters I didn’t need one, and secondly, I own a ridiculous amount of sunglasses for keeping the sun off my face so I need all the chances possible to wear them.

I ignored compulsion towards baseball cap wearing, but it kept coming back, especially when I wanted to go running. However, after a particularly energetic run resulting in a bruised bridge of the nose due to an ill fitting pair of sunglasses that repeatedly bounced around on my face, I decided that action needed to be taken. Whereas last month I would have gone straight out to JJB sports, this month, in the interests of trying to scrimp and save where possible, I decided to ask ES to pick me up one from the in-laws using those famous last words:

“Anything will do”

I can only assume that one thing happened in ES’s man brain… “Challenge accepted”

He presented me with his first offering with a sly grin on his face:

Yes that’s right, a VXR cap. As a Vauxhall enthusiast Eddie does owna few pieces of Vauxhall related merchandise, this one in particular picked up from a Vauxhall VXR track day, but he’s not in the habit of wearing it, no no, he leaves that to me… apparently.

I figured that this would be it, but all of a sudden I noticed that his face was still sporting the cheeky look of excitement, and I suddenly realised that he wasn’t done… no, in fact he had outdone himself…

A John Deere cap… yep, tractors… If it was Lamborghini I wouldn’t have minded so much, but John Deere!? I figured he was probably joking, but all the same I had to pick one of them! The VXR cap it was, mainly because the John Deere one doesn’t fit, but like I say, he’s the one who has to go running with me, and I can’t see my own forehead.

In fact, as I wrote this, he plonked himself down next to me with a plate of Ryvita and skim read the draft before declaring “What’s wrong with John Deere!? They’re the best! And ‘plonked?‘… I don’t like your tone…”


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