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Occasionally I’m extremely thankful that I buy my clothes second hand.

About 2 weeks ago was one of those days.

I can be a tad flippant when it comes to washing instructions, so when ES approached me clutching a fluorescent cycling jacket and asked me if I could wash it for him I thought nothing more of just throwing it in with the impending wash cycle. Even his quizzical expression and persistent suggestions that all may not end well were not enough to put me off.

In it went. And then an hour or so later, out it all came. The first item to be removed from the wash were my white jeans… but now…. what is this!? Fluorescent stains across the back of my trousers! ES displayed his best smug face for around 5 minutes.

White jeans, £4, charity shop.

White jeans, £4, charity shop.

Close up.

Close up.

When I tell people that I accidentally dyed my white jeans with a fluorescent yellow cycling jacket they imagine some cool 90s throw back tie dye affair. As you can see, this is not the case. It in fact looks closer to some sort of nuclear disaster involving a jar of piccalilli, and that’s if you discount the unfortunate location of the stain.

Then my attention turned in horror to the rest of the wash. What disaster was about to unfold? Would 3 of my favourite dresses and 2 of ES’s prized t-shirts suffer the same fate? Was I about to be solely responsible for the biggest disaster in our household since the time that I smashed a stone fired baking dish and then continued to bake the cake with a huge shard of ceramic in it, only for ES to discover it around 1/3 of the way through his portion and freak out that he’d lost a tooth.

Thankfully the crisis was averted and for some reason this incandescent catastrophe was confined solely to the arse of my £4 jeans. Now the hunt is on to find another pair that fit half as well…

As I sit here now, ES is muttering over my shoulder “It was more than just a tooth! I thought I’d lost 10!! Not to mention my fucking gums!”

Oh what fun!


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