Home hair colour… how hard can it be?

It’s at this point that I should mention that I’ve been home hair colouring for years, with varying degrees of success. In fact, when it comes to dying my hair brown I would never consider visiting a salon.

I once ventured into the stylists chair to have the years of brown hair dye removed from my tortured locks and it was £80 that I will sadly never get back. It was probably my own fault for not being brave enough when selecting the colour that was due to cover up the orange that remained, it was too dark rendering the whole episode pointless.

I must admit I’ve become very blasé when it comes to home hair dye. Like many, I suspect, I don’t do the skin test 24 hours prior to dying my hair. Seriously! Who does?! Dying my hair is often one of those impulse decisions made on the way home from work stuck in a queue for a roundabout. I barely even keep tabs on the length of time that the hair dye is on my head, that’s right Bruce Willis, I too like to live dangerously. I did start to get a bit concerned when my scalp became very itchy and I had previously noticed some sunburn around my forehead but I figured that it’s very much the same as when you find yourself a hiding spot and then immediately need to pee, as soon as I can’t touch my head, it’s the itchiest thing on earth. The lack of any suspicious rashes and the fact that I haven’t suffered significant hair loss since 9pm last night confirms that I don’t appear to have sustained an allergic reaction.

I have previously mentioned my hair and it’s inability to retain any sort of tint after around 6 weeks, and no I haven’t accidentally picked up a semi permanent hair dye. I like to think I would have noticed if that was the only problem after 10 years. May hair had been fading further and further back towards it’s natural mousey brown and the last time I dyed it was in January. I remember this specifically because I was seeing my dad for the weekend and I was surprised about the lack of ‘creosote’ comments as he doesn’t like my hair dark. In fact after mentioning this he did throw a couple of ‘Ronseal’ jibes in and I quote “If only to keep it fresh.” Since then it has gotten lighter and lighter, ending with me almost developing blonde streaks after a weekend in the sunshine.

Blonde hair and wearing my Aztec print top, £4 from Barnardos Aberdeen and some Topshop jeggings from Homestart in Aboyne

Blonde hair and wearing my Aztec print top, £4 from Barnardos Aberdeen and some Topshop jeggings from Homestart in Aboyne

I really do feel that this colour just makes me look a little plain. I notice that it has reached it’s peak when I can be found   desperately trailing around Asda after a girl who has gorgeous brown hair, or longingly watching them for a second too long as they walk past in the biscuit aisle leaving them nervously glancing over their shoulder until the weirdo has gone from sight.

It has been noted that Ombre is still in fashion and as I’m not above following fashion like a sheep if it happens to suit me (and Lesley rightly insists that it does, taking full credit), I decided to attempt to head back in that direction for the bargain price of £5. I could have spent more on one of those Ombre kits but my ends had faded to around the right shade so I decided instead to just add Loreal’s ‘French Roast’ to the top of my head and leave my ends au natural as it were, or more accurately, with split ends and in desperate need of a trim. 

DIY Ombre

DIY Ombre

The new shade seems to change the whole composition of my face, making me look more and less oriental at the same time (work that one out!) and it suits my skin tone better, making me look less washed out. This is helpful as my Lily Lo Lo foundation in Blondie is now too light for me after a few days in the sun and it wasn’t helping my Twilight style complexion. I instantly feel more glamorous now, I do prefer my hair a little darker, but it takes leaving it light for 4 weeks too many to properly appreciate it.

I must invest in a new Lily Lo Lo shade for summer and on Mrs Grant’s recommendation I’ll be selecting ‘In the buff’ so you can all look forward to that instalment. I’ll either be overjoyed with the results or complaining that I look like Ross Geller in that infamous Friends episode. If you don’t know the one I mean you’re either too young or too sheltered.


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