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Is ‘Essex Girl’ a genetic condition?

We’re all aware of the ‘Essex Girl’ and white stiletto’s stereotype, but recently white stilettos have made a return. They have not only successfully circumnavigated ‘chav’ and made it back on to fashion’s cool wall, but they may have actually strayed into the realms of ‘classy’ given the calibre of the people currently wearing them…

White Stilettos – taken from

I had been wanting to dip my pointed toe in the white stiletto water for some time but I couldn’t justify buying a new pair, therefore my eyes have been firmly peeled in Aberdeen’s charity shops. Obviously I have seen a number of while pairs of shoes recently but the trend has been towards a pointed toe with a delicate heel, nothing too clumpy and keeping it simple.

I spotted a pair of white stilettos in The British Heart Foundation late on Saturday last weekend, deciding there and then to revisit the shop on Sunday and buy them:


Black and white: Leather look jeans free from Lesley. White Dorothy Perkins stielttos, size 5, £5.99, The British Heart Foundation

Black and white: Leather look jeans free from Lesley. White Dorothy Perkins stielttos, size 5, £5.99, The British Heart Foundation

I wore it with a simple white t-shirt partly because I thought it would look good, and partly because I’m losing the will to live over our house and whether I’ll ever make it out of this tiny, poky, horrible little flat alive.

White t-shirt, £3.99 from H&M.

White t-shirt, £3.99 from H&M.

I do usually try and stay away from cheap and cheerful high street disposable clothing as much as possible but really I feel that it is the only way forward when it comes to white t-shirts. Inevitably they always end up with that slightly greying pallor and then it’s quite simply just time to chuck it out and buy another one.

The sad thing is that since I bought these shoes I haven’t taken them off! They’re been on my feet every day such is the way that they go with everything. First it was skinny jeans, then a white floral dress, then a green and black jersey dress, then my DVF wrap dress… and each day they have been met with a compliment.

This takes me back to my title. As my mum was born in Essex, a fact which means she bears the brunt of a few Bingo jokes every year, perhaps the fact that I cannot stop wearing these shoes is brought about by a predisposition to the white stiletto through my genetic birthrights and I am quite simply making up for lost time with regards to the inevitable!




3 thoughts on “Is ‘Essex Girl’ a genetic condition?

    • I have now received the email, highly thought provoking though I do consider now that certain things have overtaken the white stiletto in terms of suggesting sexual promiscuity and a lack of ‘class’ such is the evolution of our society, but the wearer is still aware of those past connotations. In the end it’s all just a bit of fun, provided they’re not worn in conjunction with mahogany fake tan…

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