When you buy your first house, leap around the living room with delight when you get the keys, and then realise that it stinks…

Some of you may be aware that the deep void in communication between myself and the outside world is down to the purchase of our first house together.

Of course you would be expecting this tale to be mushy in its entirety, full of romantic breakfasts in bed, glasses of wine in the garden and cosy cuddles on the sofa. Well, you’d be wrong !!

As a matter of fact, I don’t yet own a sofa despite living here for nearly 4 weeks and there’s no time for breakfast in bed! In fact our house purchase can be measured in disasters.

House disaster #1: The smell.

Oh the stench! It was overwhelming. I was barely half way through my third skip of delight at crossing the threshold of my own home, a dream long held since moving to Aberdeen at the age of 18, before I crumpled under the crushing weight of the hideous odour impregnating my face. So dense was this smell that I could almost taste it. Pungent and musty, with the tang of animal, it was disgusting.

In the true spirit of Look Fabulous For Less, I’ll be walking you through my new house and showing you how I have over come problems like smell and dated decor with minimal cost, especially given that I have sunk every last penny into this cesspit!

It turned out the the odour was mainly down to a huge patch of dog urine in the corner of the living room. I had managed to remove the overall odour just by cleaning all rooms, and now that this smell in general had gone, I was able to locate the pocket of stink that had so overridden my initial joy of getting the keys. Dog urine.


I have cleaned through half the surface stain just using warm water, biological washing powder, a cloth and a pair of rubber gloves.

Despite ridding the carpet of stains, the stench continued. My book of ‘how to clean just about anything’ suggested white vinegar and warm water with a sheet to absorb the excess and whatever one manages to dredge up.


I was using a board to stand on for maximum efficiency.


At this stage you may be wondering why I’m trying to save the carpet at all as it was so filthy, but the sad fact is that our living room is so big that to replace it it will most likely cost upwards of £500 and we just can’t afford it!

The truth is that the carpet isn’t really that offensive and if I can clean it, I will! Make do and mend as they say.

Even if your carpets are not that horrendous when you move in, it’s worth giving them a thorough clean to give yourself peace of mind. I recommend hiring a carpet cleaner as an excellent way to get clean carpets without spending too much money. They’re usually done on a 24 hr lease so to get the most for your money, get ready to settle in for the night shift!


The difference was incredible and it was worth every penny. I’ve since been eyeing up a second hand Vax carpet cleaner on Gumtree for £50 (they’re £150 new) but sadly we’ve got other things to spend our stretched budget on!

Disaster #2 coming soon!


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