House Disaster#2: the cat

Approximately 4 days into our house purchase, the cat broke its leg.

I don’t own a cat, which may beg the question of how I managed to have one break its leg in my utility room.

We had been looking after his parents cat during their 3 week holiday. the way the dates fell when we got the keys this meant bringing the cat with us. As an outdoor kinda guy, he wasn’t really in tune with his litter tray, and must have frequently pondered the question why this grey box of cheap gravel kept following him around, ironically, like a bad smell.

It was only when we went to bed on our second night (camping mattresses and sleeping bags) that we realised the full devastation that he had wreaked. 3 patches of cat urine all over our already uninviting bed space.

As if I hadn’t been cleaning up enough animal urine over the past 3 days, this was the final straw. Tiggy (the cat) was locked in the concrete floored utility room with his bed, which you can bet your bottom dollar he wouldn’t piss all over even if it was on fire but apparently mine was fair game, his food, and the strange box of loose chippings that he couldn’t seem to get rid of.

When we later checked on him, the planks of wood that the previous vendor had left on stop of the washing machine were strewn on the floor and the cat was sat in his basket with eyes like saucers. An emergency trip to the vet and 1 X-Ray later showed that he had broken his leg across all four bones. Turns out that this part of his leg is actually an extension of his foot, naturally wreaking maximum havoc.

This is now week 4 of the cats cage rest. Thankfully a friend leant us a huge cage for him which at least means he has everything he needs in one place.

We have his cage by a window to at Least give him a room with a view, apart from the local ginger Tom seems to have spotted him and appears dead set on psychological torture through the glass.


Our first mortgage payment was luckily deferred a month due to our entry date allowing us to absorb the £500 vet bill as his parents do not have pet insurance.

The cat would have gone back to his parents long ago only we are still requiring regular bandage changes and check ups with the vet…

This leads me to house disaster #3… The car broke down beyond repair.

The universe is starting to test my patience! Have you ever tried carrying a cat and box across a village? Heavier than it looks!


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