Everything, especially the kitchen sink

Following on from Kirstie Allsop’s ‘Fill your home for free’ I want to show you my own free finds and the practical ways to find them.

While the website freecycle.org can be a fantastic place to pick up items for free, I tend to find that it’s better for the practical items that don’t vary much in terms of style or design. This is because it doesn’t offer the function to upload photos, and there’s only so far that a description can take you.

I find that Gumtree is the better place to pick up decorative items or furniture that needs to meet a particular style because you can see what you’re going to buy.

“Buy?!” You say! “I thought this was all about getting stuff for free!” Well, it is, but occasionally it pays to pay. If someone feels its worth money it can sometimes, but not always, be in better condition. However, you can still find items for free on Gumtree.

One mans trash is another mans treasure, and there’s nothing to say that those men can’t be you and your mates on Facebook.

I have had great responses (mostly unintentional) from pleading poverty on Facebook.

One status simply stated that I was going buy a replacement sink on Gumtree as soon as possible as my poo brown resin sink turned my stomach:


Unwashed paint splatters from the previous vendor were a nightmare to get off, and I struggled to keep it clean.

In the comments for this photo the brother of a friend piped up that he had a stainless steel double sink gathering dust in his garage from a recent kitchen upgrade and I was more than welcome to take it for free… So I did!


It was 4cm wider but this was nothing that some work top modification couldn’t fix. We needed to swap the side for the tap which was equally simple.

I cheated on the tap after an exhaustive search on the Internet for 4 days. I wanted a pull out and spray tap and I just couldn’t find one second hand, so I splashed out £65 on Amazon



It goes to show that ‘free’ can turn up in surprising ways!


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