New house

Getting over my fears

I have a million design ideas in my head and often look at objects with a critical eye making all sorts of judgements as to how I could improve them with some paint or recovering fabric etc etc.

But in truth I’m a creative coward, and while I may be able to spin a good yarn regarding up cycling and renovation, getting over the fear of fucking it up is another matter.

Often I’m paralysed by the thought of the original cost of the item and the thought of having to buy it all over again because the shade of grey I imagined in my head looks just awful in practice.

So when I started to acquire things for free after our recent house purchase I thought that I had it sorted. If it didn’t cost anything then I shouldn’t need to worry so much, right? WRONG! I even found fault with this because then I worried about having to pay for something I’d previously had for free. What if I had decided that bright green with a slight sparkle was the new black? (Of course it isn’t!) Don’t worry, I never thought that for a second and if I did, I’d be the first person to take myself into a corner and give myself a stern talking to!

I may not believe that metallic spring green is the new colour du jour but I am very keen on traditional white. A quick flick through the M&S and Next catalogues will suggest that they are too and they gave me many inspirational ideas.

First on my hit list was the king sized bed that I bought off my friend Anna before she moved back to NZ.

I like wood, I do, but when we viewed and subsequently moved into this house there was exposed dark wood everywhere, absorbing all light and making the place dark and gloomy. The darkness was surprising given the huge windows. As a result, even exposed pine brings me out in shivers so, and though this may be a phase, I decided that it had to go, to be replaced by bright and brilliant white.

The first victim of my new found up cycling confidence was the bed:


I really feel that the mint green walls pop with the white bed as oppose to brown wood. And now the finished article:

Buoyed by my success with the bed (in my opinion which lets face it is the only one that counts. My house is a totalitarian state as ES once declared that he ‘couldn’t give a shit’ and that he’s sure whatever I choose will ‘look great’. I agree!) I moved swiftly on to the table and chairs given to us by Kerry and Clinton in exchange for ES performing some work on their car and the fact that their new house is too small to contain two sets of dining furniture.

Using this picture as inspiration I got my brush out once again

You can just see the set in its original state in the top corner but I forgive you if you can’t see past the gorgeousness that is Coco the cat:

I started to paint the chairs “Antique White’ as I felt brilliant white wouldn’t work so well in our living room, I didn’t want it to be too stark. Much Pintrest research suggested mixing different shades of white and ivory to avoid it looking plain and untextured:


I paused for breath for a day or so before completing the table which really finishes off the set:



I used this idea as inspiration

Those of you who are eagle eyed will notice that the dark wooden wall behind has also been painted but that’s a story for another day.


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