Ladies: knot your tights to instantly become more successful.

Organisation is the key to looking fabulous and what’s better is this is free!

As winter approaches I like to use this as an excuse to rock some old school glamour that only I know exists, namely the wearing of stockings. These things seem to add an extra confidence to my step (so long as they’re not hold ups as for some reason my left leg refuses to bond with them leaving some awkward moments where I had to clutch at one of my thighs and walk by swinging an awkwardly straight leg, about as sexy as it sounds!)

Nothing eradicates my attempts at sophisticated glamour like raking through my drawers to find a matching pair of stockings. Flustered and unable to extract tights from stockings, let along find a matching pair, I resort to tights only to discover a hole in the toe. By this point I’ll be so late for work there’ll be no time to change, my makeup will be minimal as a result and I’ll spend the rest of the day slowly having the blood to my big toe restricted and feeling most irritable as a result.

All this could have been avoided had I simply put more effort into my initial organisation of my life/wardrobe (they’re the same thing…)

When a pair of tights gets a hole at the toe, no matter how small, I throw them out. “Well duh!” You organised types will be saying but to me this is a revelation.

It’s also important to keep on top of toe nail grooming, something that may seem less important when you’re no longer in open toes. Long and sharp toe nails will slice through tights, a costly mistake. Stay on top of trimming and filing.

In order to avoid unnecessary ladders, holes and pulls always wash your tights in a knotted pillow case. This stops zips or buckles getting entangled in the delicate fabric.

Pair your stockings and knot your tights to stop the impossible brain teaser that seems to evolve in your underwear drawer with very little intervention from yourself.

Have a separate drawer for suspender belts, bras and knickers to avoid clasps getting embroiled.

Regularly clear out your underwear drawer, nothing suppresses a woman’s confidence like ill fitting greying pants with that stringy elastic thing that seems to happen! I’m less able to explain why we always return to our worst pairs of knickers.

Remember fabulousness is often exuded from within. You will not be smiling if you left for work late, only have one eyebrow completed as well as a strangled big toe and forgot your lunch.

If all of this is something you’ve been doing for years then I’m sorry to have wasted 10 minutes of your life, but if like me you forgo initial organisation for speed of getting your washing out of sight as quickly as possible then you’d do well to take note and learn from my mistakes.

Knot your tights ladies, knot your tights!


2 thoughts on “Ladies: knot your tights to instantly become more successful.

  1. Your blog used to be about fabulous fashion finds and was pretty inspiring; now it’s just all about YOU and it’s become really boring. I’m just not into the middle-aged pompous housewife wannabe sort of blog. Still reading, in case it all returns to former glory, but if it’s no longer about Looking Fabulous For Less, then change the blog name.

    • Hi Charlene,

      Thanks for your comments, I will take them on board. Unfortunately due to a recent house move and diminished funds I haven’t been able to go bargain hunting as often as I’d like, with weekends confined to doing the house up. I have tried to incorporate my daily life into my posts such as doing the house up and free furniture finds/upcycling otherwise there quite simply would be nothing to read. This blog to me is a hobby, it is important that it does not become a burden, and what is most important is that I enjoy writing it.

      I am most grateful that I even have a readership, let alone one that cares enough to comment and give their opinion. I do have a post on designer shoes lined up when I recently went out furniture finding and accidentally got sidetracked by charity shops on a now very rare trip to the city. I’ll get this finished off by the end of this week and hopefully you will enjoy reading it.

      Once again thanks for your feedback, it is appreciated.

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