When is a bargain too much of a bargain? Never… but you might pay for it forever!

This blog has been in hibernation for around a year while my job takes over my life, but an off the cuff visit to Banchory’s charity shops has given me a reason to fish it out from under the bed and blow off the dust.

This tale essentially proves that I have low morals, no soul, and that karma will likely take it’s toll on my future charity shop luck.

My wardrobe has been feeling a bit lacklustre of late. I’ve not really injected any new life into it and I’m not really ‘feeling’ 50% of my original stocks. Yes, yes, yes, it’s probably time for a clear out, but if I was too zealous I’d be left with 2 shift dresses and a t-shirt!

I decided that I should pop out to the charity shops of Banchory to see if I could find any bargains. What resulted was the bargain of the century.

Wrestling my way through the rails of a local independent charity shop known only as ‘The Charity Shop’ I stumbled across a lovely black shift dress. The fabric was thick and good quality, the stitching was neat and concise. As I pulled it out of the mass of surrounding nylon and faded cotton I noticed the label at the back of the neck…

‘Nicole Farhi’.

“No way!?” I thought. I shut my eyes, knowing that it likely wouldn’t be my size. Squinting through one eye, the rest of my face screwed up in trepidation I noticed the size… size 10. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” My next thought jumped to the designers and their tiny sizes. Surely there was no way a 10 would fit. Then I checked the price tag, although the reckless part of me, which makes up around 85% of my personality, had long ago decided that this was not a factor in my decision making.

£6!!!! Six! Single digits!

I made a resolution, if it didn’t fit, I would tell the ladies at the desk that it was worth an awful lot more than £6 and that they should have it in the window. I definitely would. But then… what if it fitted? It is for charity, its sale will raise money for good causes, surely I should pay more for it. I thought I’d cross that bridge when I came to it.

I put in on the changing room. I did up the zip without having to test my lung capacity in holding my breath. It was just divine, a mid calf shift dress with a plunging V neckline without being inappropriate for the office. A double split at the back gave it a suit and tails feel, very smart.

My thoughts came back to the price. I should pay more for it, shouldn’t I? I should. I definitely should. So I walked straight up to the desk and handed over the £6 without saying a word. I also bought a scarf for £2, a lovely grey one which I had soon declared to be my new favourite. I lost it in the shopping centre two days later. And so the karma begins…

Nicole Farhi shift dress. £6!

Nicole Farhi shift dress. £6!


2 thoughts on “When is a bargain too much of a bargain? Never… but you might pay for it forever!

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