I’ll be wearing the trousers as far as my blog is concerned!

Today, the sharing of an Instagram photo of a Victoria’s Secret model in a Whatsapp conversation with girlfriends led me back to one of my own blog posts Want to get rid of your belly and fast? Posture, posture, posture! I found myself drawn in to my own writing, and enjoyed re-reading the post, not so much the photos, especially the first two. Geez! And then I thought, ‘dya know? I’m actually pretty funny, I should start this up again’. It would appear that writing is among my talents, along with extreme modesty.  

To get the photo reference, you’ve got to read the blog post. But seriously, the similarity is uncanny yeah?


Now, I confess that I hardly go out charity shopping any more, in fact I don’t do much clothes shopping at all for some reason, and really that was the core of this blog, so can I justify starting it again? Then I thought, do you know what? It’s my blog, I can do what I like with it really, I don’t even mind if no one reads my posts seeing as I seem to find myself funnier than anyone else does anyway! And as I don’t really need to justify myself to anyone, apart from obviously the first few lines of this paragraph where I justified myself profusely, I think this blog is going to take a slightly different twist. Instead of centreing on charity shops, it shall centre more on being thrifty in general, with some clothing thrown in. Kind of ‘Live Fabulous for Less’ whilst looking fabulous. Yep. That’ll be right.

So, to get on with the business in hand. I’m a big fan of repairing things. That’s a lie. I hate repairing things. But I get such a smug sense of satisfaction from doing it that I force myself. That’s the only reason I’m doing this post, so I can gloat. I’m not even joking. 

I’ve had a pair of H&M trousers with the hem coming down on them for quite some time now, and I have neglected to sort them out, instead preferring an awkward bend and tuck manouvre in the Asda cheese aisle to try an poke the excess fabric back up towards my ankles whilst clutching a huge block of Edam and some cheesestrings. Not fabulous. Never think you can get away without a basket. 

Today, whilst ironing, I realised I needed to get my shit together if I was ever to be taken seriously wearing the one pair of black trousers that I own. A few years ago I purchased some hemming web and it revolutionised my world. Also, my sewing machine broke and I haven’t had the urge to smugly repair it yet. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with that tale when I do.


Every girl needs a make do and mend box


Ignore the pink butterflies, they were a mistake. As you can see, I have two packs of hemming web. Thrifty tip No2: always check what you already have before you go out and buy more. This stuff is great though, you really can’t have too much of it… You simply cut a strip, place it on the fabric, refold along the natural crease and iron to set. The best thing about it is that it provides a really stiff and strong fold, giving your clothes a fresh, crisp feeling around the edges.


Both hems were in dire straits

In this case, H&M has even used hemming web in the first place to manufacture these trousers, so if it’s good enough for Joan Smalls and co, it’s good enough for me!


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