The cost effective way to reduce the scourge of pet hair

I have the privilege of sharing my house with two little cats, each of which has a whole lotta fur. This poses a problem; If I turn up for a job interview, it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing Primark or Prada, if it’s covered head to toe in cat hair, I look slovenly at best. Now this post kind of gets a bit embarrassing, I feel like I’m really letting you in to my very normal, very average, very untidy life. If you must judge, make sure it’s really harsh and leave it in a seething comment at the bottom.


Just taking a nap on my cardigan


Don’t be taken in by their cuteness, they cause a myriad of fur related issues for me, my hoover, and my washing machine. We were spending $$$ on lint rollers in Poundland, Home Bargains, Pound Stretcher, you name the cut price, high street tat store and I’ve bought lint rollers in it. The worst thing is, they never seemed to do a very good job. I’d be rolling furiously and yet only getting off 50% of the hair. 


Top lint roller is fresh out of the box, bottom is after furious rolling

So OK, 50% might not be too bad, but when you like a bit of black in your wardrobe, 50% is not enough. Don’t half ass it, if you’re going to do it, always use your full ass. That’s when I was introduced by my boyfriends mum, Lynn, to the single most useful gadget for pet owners in the known universe – The KORBOND Lint Brush. 

You can pick up one of these life savers for around $4 (seriously where the hell is the pound sign on this thing. That’s 4.00GBP, 400p, 4 quid) in Tesco or other supermarket chains, probably. No longer do you have to walk in to aforementioned high street tat shop and clear them out of all of their lint rollers like some sort of cat loving mentalist. No, this thing is 100% reusable. 
It has a little press button on the neck which switches the grain of the hairs around, depending on which arm you’re using and if you’re trying some sort of yoga pose to brush down the backs of your legs having inadvertently sat on the dogs favourite chair. The way it works is a brush with tiny little hairs facing one direction. In order to clean the gathered pet hair off, you just brush in the opposite direction with your thumb.

Despite doing all I can to keep the pet hair to a minimum before I put clothes in the washing machine, including having a hand held hoover specifically for the bed, it’s inevitable that I end up with a certain amount of hair in the washing machine. This then gets spun up into little balls of fur which may or may not come off in the wind when I hang the washing out. Therefore I always keep one of these bad boys handy when doing the ironing, that way I avoid contaminating other items of clothing in the drawers because I can get rid of any remnants.

Even when you think there isn’t any, trust me, or any other long haired pet owner, there is. I’d go through 40 lint rollers a week if I didn’t have this gadget. Top tip: brush first, iron later. The brush can create wrinkles in the fabric and then they set. Not such a bother for bed sheets, but bad for clothes as it undoes all your good ironing work, and noone likes to iron more than is absolutely necessary.


Pet hair gathered off my clean clothes!

Lets all take a minute to be utterly disgusted/impressed by the amount of pet hair gathered up off my bed linen wash that has already been through the washing machine. If you’re disgusted, your pet (if you have one) is short haired. If you’re impressed, likely you’ve got some long haired critter as a friend. 

If you have issues with pet hair, and you don’t want to spend North Korea’s annual GDP on lint rollers, I urge you to go and buy one of these things!

Also, don’t let your cat sleep on your ironing board…



4 thoughts on “The cost effective way to reduce the scourge of pet hair

  1. Bloody hell, that’s an amazing amount of fur considering they’d been through the wash.

    Had a thought about $, have you tried pressing and holding for a £?

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