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Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever

Welcome to my countdown of my Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever!

This will be a pinned page and keep an up to date record of my best ever charity shop finds. Some items may move up and down the list as new bargains are unearthed in Aberdeen’s charity shop gold mines.

Today is Friday 12th May 2017 (in case you are visiting us from the future) and this is the start of a 10 week countdown… count… up(?) (As we’re going from 10 to the Number 1 in 10 weeks, I guess it is more of a count up) to my best ever charity shop purchase EVER. You’re in for a treat, as I truly believe that Number 2 and Number 1 can never be knocked off their perches on the top spots – much like Hydrogen and Helium, they are the universe’s constants and, unless I stumble across a genuine Balenciaga handbag for £10, will remain so until the universe experiences its untimely demise in the far off future.

This is for charity shop purchases only, not second hand Gumtree and eBay bargains, and it will contain no purchased as new clothing either. Just those lovely rummaged for, hard fought treasures that I have silently whooped with delight at as I try not to alert other shoppers to the bargain I clasp in my sweaty palms.

So, here it goes! Let the count UP begin!

  1. XXX
  2. XXX
  3. XXX
  4. XXX
  5. XXX
  6. XXX
  7. XXX
  8. XXX
  9. Moschino Handbag – Est RRP £150 – Purchase Price £6.99 – Bought in the BHF Union Street
  10. Mulberry Trousers – Est RRP £300 – Purchase Price £9.99 – Bought in The BHF Union Street


Comment to let me know what your best bargains have been!



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