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Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever – NUMBER 10

I’ve got off to a great start with these posts after I realised I’d spent all morning taking photographs of the item that is actually Number 8 on my chart. Note to self: check your reference sheet.

So, after a morning’s extended photo shoot, allow me to present… drum roll please… Number 10 of my Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever:

10. Mulberry Trousers

Item details:

  • Manufacturer: Mulberry
  • Estimated Retail Price: £300
  • Link to similar:
  • Purchased: Summer 2016
  • Charity Shop: The British Heart Foundation, Union Street, Aberdeen


Light weight wide leg trousers, 97% cotton. Made in France.

Price Paid: £9.99


The day I bought these, I wasn’t necessarily doing any charity shopping of any kind. In fact I can’t even remember what I was in town for but I do remember that ES was with me. He pulled that long-suffering grimace when I brightly suggested ‘just popping in’ to the British Heart Foundation on Union Street. He dutifully headed off up to the back of the shop to look at the DVDs while I rummaged at the front.

I don’t usually buy trousers in charity shops, mainly because I struggle to find a good fit on the high street never mind in the hotch potch of a second-hand clothes rail… but then… Mulberry. Size 36. I’d like to say I knew what that meant but thanks to a long running feud between Zara and H&M I have no idea what size that actually is any more. At £9.99 I knew they were worth a bash. Imagine then the speed at which ES’s face dropped when I said I was ‘just going to try these on’. He was already bored with perusing the DVD shelf despite most of it being made up of the Fast and Furious Franchise as well as the questionable spin-off ‘Tokyo Drift’. I held the label up at him and, because he has suffered me for 7 years, he knew that £9.99 for a pair of trousers named after a tree was a bargain.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, there’s a reason these aren’t higher up the list, in fact there are several:

  1. They’re a teensy bit snug around the waist
  2. They’re a teensy bit smug around my bottom
  3. They are fairly well-worn
  4. The colour is dull

I need to re-frame my mindset and know that the colour is in fact ‘sensible’ and works as a fine back drop for wearing something slightly more lairy… like these Kurt Geiger silk pumps with a huge bow (bought from the McArthur Glen outlet store near Swindon, naturally) and then finished off with a white ballet style wrap top which was £5 in the sale from H&M.

They are well-worn though but as they are very good quality, they have held their shape despite the fabric not feeling as crisp as it once did no doubt. The top button-hole has frayed slightly so they have an appointment with the tailor at some point in the coming weeks, especially as that’s a weak point given the snugness around the top!


So there you have it – Number 10 on my Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever. I’m releasing a post every week and will update the ‘Chart’ on the front page of my blog as I go in case you want to catch up on installments. As we know, I already have the photos lined up and ready for Number 8…

Cheerio for now



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