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Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever – NUMBER 9

Number 9 was discovered in the British Heart Foundation shop at the top of Union Street in a cloud of “Surely not?”‘s and “No way!”‘s.

9. Moschino Cross Body Bucket Bag

Item details:

  • Manufacturer: Moschino
  • Estimated Retail Price: £150
  • Link to similar: Love Moschino Clutch with Chain
  • Purchased: 2013
  • Charity Shop: The British Heart Foundation, Union Street, Aberdeen


Moschino Cheap and Chic black leather bucket bag.

Price Paid: £6.99


Moschino black leather bucket bag – £6.99 BHF Aberdeen

Moschino cross body bucket bag, I think from the Cheap and Chic Moschino range. The lettering runs free across a leather band at the front of the bag giving it a nice jangle which takes the attention off the sound of my lumbering gait. In fact, the letters run so free on that band of leather that I once got it caught on something and they popped off scattering an alphabet monsoon across the room. The tinkling sound of falling metal lettering was closely followed by a squawk and frantic scrabbling to pick them all up before a rogue ‘O’ was lost forever. Then began the stressful task of remembering where to put the ‘H’ whilst drunk – “Is it Moshcino?… no that doesn’t look right”. I have the same problem when I come to write Rihanna…

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This bag recently accompanied me on my first exploratory foray in to the world wearing gold skinny jeggings. Yes, it quite literally goes with anything. A classic designer bag for £6.99 and I shall never be parted from it.

So why number 9? Well you can only imagine the goodies you have coming your way over the next 8 weeks. However, as this is from the Moschino Cheap and Chic range it’s not top dollar Moschino, plus it’s still a relatively small bag.



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