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Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever – NUMBER 8

The bingo call for Number 8 is ‘One Fat Lady’ but not in these trousers she isn’t. Leg lengthening, beautiful cut, gorgeous fabric… allow me to introduce this week’s Number 8 in my Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever

8. Diane Von Furstenburg Trousers

Item details:

  • Manufacturer: DVF (for short)
  • Estimated Retail Price: £200
  • Link to similar: Diane Von Furstenburg print pants – pre-owned
  • Purchased: Summer 2016
  • Charity Shop: Sue Ryder, Rosemount Viaduct Aberdeen


Patterned slim fit trousers

Price Paid: £14.99


Charity shops are getting much wiser now, they know their brands. They often put sought after items on eBay and other second hand clothes platforms in order to get the best price. Some people bemoan this, but after all they are only trying to get the most bang for their donation, and it’s all about raising money and recycling.

These trousers were on a special rail at the back filled with high end high street and designer goodies. These trousers jumped out at me as I love a patterned fabric. £14.99 is what you’d pay for cheap, poor quality trousers in Primark, so bagging these beauties for the same price really makes me feel fluffy and superior on the inside, the latter being one of my favourite emotions.

I tried them on, praying that they weren’y going to be one of those size 10’s that’s actually a size 6… and ‘Hurrah!’ they fitted beautifully. I bounded up to the till to hand over my hard earned ££’s and left the shop with a spring in my step that only a bargain can buy.

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I am breathing in for some of the photos, though not as much as you might expect, it’s just an extremely flattering jumper…


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