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Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever – NUMBER 7

I remember buying this one like it was yesterday. As soon as I spotted it I instantly became a pool of sweat. My armpits actually tingled with excitement.

That excitement was promptly pricked by a work colleague two days later when I waltzed in to work wearing…

7. Jimmy Choo handbag (fake – insert appropriate devastated emoji)

Item details:

  • Manufacturer: Lawd only knows
  • Estimated Retail Price: £150 for fake. £995 for genuine.
  • Link to similar: Genuine Jimmy Choo Phython Equivalent – pre-owned
  • Purchased: Summer 2014
  • Charity Shop: Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen


Leather handbag with moleskin lining – claiming to be a Jimmy Choo, actually  a Jimmy Chung (A Scottish Chinese restaurant chain which was rumoured to serve seagull, rumours later proved to be false).

Price Paid: £45


Jimmy Choo/Chung handbag from Shelter Scotland £45

Now, at £45 it’s possible that the charity shop themselves didn’t realise it was a fake, certainly that particular charity shop always labels known fakes and charged accordingly.

So let me tell you about my Monday at work that week. I strode in to the office like Archie (for my English readers, thats a Northern Scotland Term for ‘the best’, or ‘the tits’ or ‘the dogs cahooners’ or ‘a bitch-ass mother who has alllllll of their shit together’ and as we know, my shit was about to come unstuck).

I had pondered in the car on my way to work that morning whether I would not mention the bag, just casually place it, branded buckle facing outwards (naturally), on my desk and wait for someone to notice it or if I would go ahead and mention it first… or I would run in screaming like a lunatic demanding that all with eyes stare at it in reverie for at least 45 seconds and make 3 positive remarks. I strode up the stairs, at this point still unsure which method of smugness to deploy. I sat at my desk, placed the bag a top of it, something that I never did, preferring usually to sling it under their in to a tangle of wires with a huge Monday morning huff and then give it an extra boot with my foot for good measure, and waited. Who am I kidding, I didn’t wait one second! I put it down and then turned eagerly to my work colleague and said “Oh my god, I got this Jimmy Choo handbag at the charity shop at the weekend, isn’t that incredible! £45!!”

She dragged her eyes away from the monitor and swung around on her chair, scrutinising it from afar. She then got up and strode to my desk, picked it up, placed it back down and said “It’s fake.”

I deflated with all the elegance of a loaded whoopie cushion.

“But… how can you tell?” I whimpered. I had sniffed it in the charity shop I thought to myself, it smelled of leather and everything, it was thick, the stitching was good, the interior was some sort of dead animal… how could this be happening to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. First world problems ahoy…

She said simply “The H is crossed in the middle, it should be 3/4 of the way up” and that was that.

No work was achieved that morning, only the frantic Googling of ‘How to spot a fake Jimmy Choo’. I actually wrote a post on those findings on this blog which you can see here.

But I will go in to a bit more detail here again now that it’s less raw… you know with it being 3 years since this happened and all and now that the nightmares have stopped.

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So obviously this would be much higher up the Top 10 if it were genuine. However, all is not lost, I actually love this handbag. It’s a very versatile grey colour, and at a glance, people would never know it was a fake. It is a copy of a genuine style for one, and the quality of the leather is still much better than handbags I would typically be able to afford. The moleskin lining is a signature of a designer handbag and this has that beautifully creamy soft moleskin lining.

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