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Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever – NUMBER 6

The first time I really discovered Cos, I was in Copenhagen in one of their fancy stores, and I hated pretty much everything in there apart from the jewelry. Prior to that I was vaguely aware of them as a good place to get an expensive basic as recommended by Vogue or some other equally aspirational magazine. £30 for a t-shirt doth not a basic make. That’s just an expensive ass plain t-shirt. Besides, when I entered that particular Cos shop there wasn’t a ‘basic’ in sight, it was all overly baggy, ill fitting, odd looking garments, from coats to trousers to tops. I did, however, notice the price tags… and promptly left.

Therefore when I was wandering around the Chest Heart and Stroke Store in Cults (my favourite charity shop if I really had to pick one) I was delighted to spot a Cos jumper for £15 in a zingy cobalt blue colour. I’d recently realised that baggy, a-line or generally a bit over-sized was the way to go for me and this fitted the bill perfectly. I have a cool skin tone so this kind of deep blue looks great on me. I tried it on for all of 3 seconds before giving it a resounding 10 out of 10 and promptly bounced off to the till.

6. Cos A Line Jumper

Item details:

  • Manufacturer: Cos – a brand of the H&M group started in 2007 – good for basic, functional design at the higher end of High Street.
  • Estimated Retail Price: £59
  • Link to similar: A Line Tunic – Current Season
  • Purchased: Summer 2015
  • Charity Shop: Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Cults, Aberdeen


Cobalt blue A Line long length jumper/tunic with a thick texture – think if they made a neoprene out of poly-cotton… yeah… that. Super cosy yet well fitted.

Price Paid: £15


Again it’s that great shape that hides all my lumps and bumps and just leaves my best bits on show. This style really only works for you if you’re an apple like me with a thicker middle compared to your arms and legs. If your best area is your waist, you don’t want to be hiding it away under big jumpers!

You might be thinking… it’s not that much of a designer, and it’s not that big a reduction either, so why is it on the Top 10? Simple answer? I love it.

It’s one of those dependable pieces that no matter how huge I’m feeling, it’s guaranteed to make me feel smaller, or hide the hugeness (perceived… I know I’m not huge but we all have those days where you wake up and realise that you’re not a Victoria’s Secret model and you never will be). It’s also guaranteed to cheer me up, such is the colour, so bright and cheerful, despite being blue. It’s also a colour of all seasons. Depending on what it’s worn with, this top will look as good in spring and summer as it does in winter and autumn. Think of this colour with a rusty brown or a zingy orange. One for Autumn and one for Spring.

Here are some of my examples of how versatile it really is… I first wore it with white H&M pleather fronted jeans (from the sale years ago) and my cobalt blue Kurt Geiger stilettos (£49 in the sale years ago). Excuse the poor quality photograph and my inability to hide the clicker.


Then we moved on to a frankly more ambitious colour palette:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And I’ve paired it up with some more ambitious colour combinations that you may recognise if you’ve seen my Instagram lately.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Top tip: a bold lip always looks good with a bold colour. I am wearing a Revlon lippie in Fuchsia for this set of pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The length of this jumper means that if worn with a shorter skirt, it can have the look and feel of a dress which makes it really versatile. However paired with a belt, it can have the effect of making me look bigger around the middle if I’m not careful. This darker green makes the blue look darker itself, and therefore would work more in autumn perhaps with over the knee boots as oppose to the bright apple green which has the zing of spring and summer.

And finally… this may be a jumper but it doesn’t mean it can’t be worn for out and out summer. Pairing it with teeny tiny shorts would work for late summer sun when it’s not quite warm enough in the evenings but you’re more likely to get away with looking semi naked (I know the shoes don’t work but I couldn’t be bothered to change them)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there you have it… NUMBER 6 of my Top 10 Charity Shop buys ever. What will NUMBER 5 bring? You’ll have to see next week.


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