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Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever – NUMBER 5

I got married in October 2016 (post coming in August or something), and for that wedding, of course I needed the perfect pair of shoes. I wanted crystal encrusted wonders at the bottom of my feet. I wanted Louboutins or Gina sandals, Swarovski bejewelled hooves that peeked out from under my dress. However, I want doesn’t get, or at least that’s what my parents told me and on this occasion that turned out to be true.

Only weeks before I had bought a pair of Jimmy Choo Agnes court shoes in the sale for £225 in nude. These were to be my back-ups. The shoes I wanted were upwards of £800 and to be frank, my wedding was classic Look Fabulous For Less as well, and I simply couldn’t justify it. I wore the nude Jimmy Choos and was still delighted to have said “I do in Choo” – clever marketing.

Just because the wedding was over and the vows were uttered, didn’t stop the regular peeling of my eyes for suitably sparkling shoes with which to adorn my feet, and my frankly spectacular ankles (they’re by far my best feature, including my personality).

My brief was specific… I still wanted something truly fabulous, the majority of it was to be sparkle and I wanted a pale gold. Not silver. Not gold. Pale gold, white gold almost. I was looking in Dune, in Kurt Geiger, the high street in general and the occasional foray online but everything rendered full price items £100+ or cheap and nasty which wasn’t my intention.

Then, one day, merely weeks after I was wed, an innocent day where I had once again ‘just popped in’ to the British Heart Foundation at the top of Union Street with my now husband in tow… I spotted these…

5. Dune Sandals

Item details:

  • Manufacturer: Dune
  • Estimated Retail Price: £125
  • Link to similar: Not currently available, equivalent last seen online £125 new.
  • Purchased: Winter 2016
  • Charity Shop: British Heart Foundation, Union Street (top of)


Dune pale gold crystal encrusted sandals in size 5.

Price Paid: £12.99


They were barely worn, and must have been a one off wedding purchase or something. Whatever they were to someone else, they were exactly what I had been looking for, but to find them in a charity shop was pure serendipity.

I cannot get the sheer sparkle to come out in these photos, therefore traipse over to my Instagram @thirty.ish if you want moving images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These shoes are the perfect evening shoe. They will quite simply go with anything, and jazz up any cocktail dress if you’re attempting to wear something above the knee for black tie (something I do with alarming regularity, however this dress should put a stop to it much to the relief of traditionalist solicitors everywhere).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These get more of an airing in winter than summer, they are perfect for the party season. Now I just need to get invited to some parties…

Or I can just continue to hang out in my front bedroom alone with my tripod taking photos of myself and pretending that’s not a totally sad existence. Or even hanging out in my dressing room with all of my shoes. Still a better love story than Twilight.




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