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Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever – NUMBER 4

NUMBER 4 of my Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever gives me tingles up and down my spine and makes me feel giddy inside. This is not because it’s anything particularly special, it is because of what it represents. It reminds me of autumn, that most wonderful season and my absolute favourite (possibly because of the death and decay).

NUMBER 4 is actually fairly dull by most considerations, but it truly is an autumn staple. And now that I have alighted the handbag wagon, I think it’ll get even more wear this year. Autumn, to me, is a time to hunker down in big jumpers and jeans. It is tights and boots. It is the start of hot coffee being spilled over expensive leather gloves, unpredictable ice patches to be dodged unsuccessfully in heels, hats that look epic but make your head itch and your hair look like it wouldn’t know the word ‘volume’ if you got a 17 year old boy to badly install a sub-woofer atop your roasting hot scalp.

It is also the time for tan leather with taupe suede. Muted colour palettes with a touch of rust or green; a vague nod to the colour that swept like a tornado through your summer wardrobe. One tends to live in shades of brown from late September to November, and NUMBER 4 is all shades of brown.

4. Jaeger mini satchel

Item details:


Jaeger leather and suede mini satchel with gold buckle and details.

Price Paid: £8.99


This satchel has a well worn look, and to be honest probably needs a decent clean, something I might take upon myself this August before it’s ‘It’ season arrives. I love the buckle detail around the handle, it gives it a Gucci look and feel (to someone that will never actually handle real Gucci…).


The eBay listing given previously has the RRP of this item at £189 which I find a bit ambitious, but given that current similar sized bags are £160, perhaps it’s not far off. You may think that there are other items previously shown more befitting of the NUMBER 4 spot on this chart, but this one makes me feel a certain way. It holds the promise of cosy-ness and fragrant air. Mornings that are cold and afternoons which have a golden sun losing it’s final burst of warmth before winter. I truly truly love Autumn, I start to look forward to it in July. This bag doesn’t work in Spring or Summer, it is too dull, too drab for those vibrant seasons. It has a worn in comfort that matches the tired foliage of Autumn and I’m already looking forward to wearing it once again.

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In other news, there’s nothing like photographing yourself in a dress 45 times to make you realise that there’s a reason none of the photo’s have come out half decent, and it’s not because of you… or the lighting… or the camera. This dress has to go. It looks bloody awful on me. Baggy ribbed jersey fabric, I think it’s a horrendous combination of being too big and having bagged out. It’s going to the charity shop.

There you have it, my NUMBER 4 – a sartorial ode to Autumn and a truly shit dress.


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